Congratulations to Negligence for winning this year’s Fantasy game!


As promised, I will be sending a gift over. Leave your email address here, or send an email to luniazkun at gmail dot com so that I can contact you and provide further details.

As for the rest, thank you for your participation!


Bonus points: Madoka (vote %) and Sayaka (no. of votes) – +5 points

Phase III and Overall Standings: Here

Phase I and II Standings: Here

You can view your Phase III entry here.


Past winners:

2013 Prelim Round – Negligence
2012 Main Round – Anisu
2012 Prelim Round – Micchi
2011 Main Round – Kayuri

9 thoughts on “fantasy

  1. Ryuuka (20 MP) – 20

    Captain from any character below:

    All 3 of the following:
    Koizumi Hanayo, Uchida Yuka, Shiguma Rika (10 MP) – 10

    And two of any of the following:
    Minami Kotori, Asia Argento, Shokuhou Misaki, Kashiwazaki Sena, Toshinou Kyouko, Sagimori Arata, Miyanaga Saki, Kamikita Komari, Minato Tomoka, Takebe Saori (15 MP) – 10

    Number of points – 75

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