Ball Game

1st 102 Minato Tomoka @ Ro-Kyu-Bu
2nd 95 Miyanaga Teru @ Saki
3rd 91 Kaname Madoka @ Madoka Magica
4th 90 Yazawa Nico @ Love Live!
5th 89 Sonoda Umi @ Love Live!
6th 82 Touyoko Momoko @ Saki
7th 76 Shirai Kuroko @ Railgun
8th 65 Hanada Kirame @ Saki
8th 65 Kunihiro Hajime @ Saki
8th 65 Minami Kana @ Minami-ke
11th 62 Ryuuguu Rena @ Higurashi
12th 54 Rin @ Infinite Stratos

Late to the party, blog rejig is still a work in progress, not even an intro post done, but well here we go again. Owing to RL commitments and declining interest, coverage won’t be as in depth as in previous years, but I’ll try to post as and when I can.

Take-away points from today’s group:

  • Mokkan topping the group comes as a surprise, considering the presence of last year’s champ, several Saki characters and the fresh Love Live threat
  • The pre-match main talking point was how Love Live would fare against the traditional heavyweights, considering their immense popularity at the moment. Looks like it’s not being carried over to Saimoe… just yet. Perhaps they can build up momentum and unleash their full potential in the main round
  • Nico and Umi did come very close though, which is an encouraging sign compared to the previous year where the Love Live cast failed to convince from the onset
  • However, if you are the eternal pessimist, then you might start being skeptical once again as support for the Madoka and Saki series still seem to be going strong

3 thoughts on “Ball Game

  1. Kaosu July 25, 2014 / 2:10 am

    If either Saki or Madoka dominates again I’m probably never following this tournament again.

    But then again due to RL commitments I haven’t actually finished any series the past year. I think I watched all of Non Non Biyori and NGNL and that was it. I also finally finished Shinsekai Yori, and got anywhere from 3 to 12 episodes into pretty much every other series in the past year. I don’t even know who I want to root for.

    And while digging into my backlog for stuff I want to finish, I dusted off Kamidori Alchemy Meister, which got me hooked again and since I decided to start a new game since I last played it more than 2 years ago its gonna take at least a hundred hours to finish it…school was relatively easy to put off and work around but you can’t do that with work 😦

    • LuniazKun July 25, 2014 / 12:12 pm

      I know that feel man… though you’re probably having it harder than me since I still have time to watch anime on a regular basis.

      Which reminds me I have yet to complete Emelita’s route… it’s been 2 years since I last played Kamidori too. Fun stuff.

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