Turtle Toss

Watashi through

1st 156 votes Watashi @ Jintai
2nd 83 votes Azuki Azusa @ Henneko

>these low vote totals
It’s as if I’m 10 years back!

In any case, another win for Watashi here against a decently strong opponent, continuing her impressive run in this tournament.  A match against Toshinou Kyouko beckons, and it’ll be interesting to see how Watashi fares against someone from a more organized faction. A good litmus test to her capabilities prior to a probable semi-final match with a Madoka girl.

As for Azuki Azusa, her Saimoe journey is over – not a bad one for her first campaign, with her performance against Shinka probably the most noteworthy one. However, since that victory (and probably the new rule introduction), she hasn’t had much luck. Henneko’s hopes now lie on Tsukiko, who will face the same girl who took down Azuki Azusa in the block finals.

Block Final Winners 3-3 Repechage Winners


Tomoe Mami @ Madoka

Nishizumi Miho @ Garupan

Miho has been one of the surprise package for the tournament considering she was drawn into one of the toughest blocks, though she has to thank the turmoil between the Saki and Madoka faction for helping her to make it to this stage. Having been used as a pawn by the Madoka faction to annihilate the Saki faction and then discarded in the block finals, Miho will be hoping to launch her counter-attack here. She needs a miracle though – one that will change the tide of this current battle. However, it’ll be difficult to find one against Mami who is seemingly defying the Champion’s Curse and still amassing tons of votes at the moment. The only hope for Miho here is for Sayaka fans to turn against Mami, but we know that won’t happen, at least for now.



3 thoughts on “Turtle Toss

  1. uhlocalboy November 11, 2013 / 2:48 pm

    Unimpressive showing from both contestants in this one. Kyouko T. will have a field day with Watashi.

  2. Progeusz November 11, 2013 / 3:49 pm

    Congratulations, Watashi!
    I’m impressed she has come so far and seems to have a decent chance at making it to top4. She’s my last hope, other girls have already been confirmed as match fillers against megukas, Watashi hasn’t faced one yet so if anyone has the tiniest bit of hope of causing an upset, it’s her. She’s also completely different character from the rest of competition, further strengthening my beliefs. Of course, it’s obvious who are the overwhelming favorites but man can dream, can’t he?

    Just to clear the possible confusion – I love Madoka, especially Sayaka, Kyouko, Homura and Madoka herself but current state of the tournament renders me unable to root for them.

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