1st 192 votes Toshinou Kyouko @ Yuru Yuri
2nd 171 votes Minato Tomoka @ Ro-Kyu-Bu

Toshinou Kyouko is through to the quarter-finals after exacting revenge on Mokkan who had defeated her in the second round. The basketball ace stepped up her game towards the end but was ultimately unable to beat the buzzer once again, this time in the Saimoe arena. Ro-Kyu-Bu’s campaign in this year’s tournament is over – once again coming up short just before the quarter finals, but Yuru Yuri has gone one stage further from the previous year and will be hoping to reach the semis, especially since Kyouko will be avoiding one of the Madoka girls in the quarter-finals.

Block Final Winners 2-3 Repechage Winners


Watashi @ Jintai

Azuki Azusa @ Henneko

The only newcomer vs newcomer match for this round, we have Watashi going up against Azuki Azusa. Watashi has done very well for a solo character, but it remains to be seen if she can stand up against characters from strong factions, namely the Madoka faction in this case. For now though, she’ll have to contend with Azusa, who is no push-over herself. The Henneko girl was actually cruising through her matches until she met Sakura Kyouko, where she eventually suffered a heavy defeat as a result of combo voting from the Madoka faction. This could go either way – whoever wins this could very well provide the sternest test to the Madoka girls.


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