Goth Slayer

1st 278 votes Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko @ Henneko
2nd 223 votes Hasegawa Kobato @ Haganai

opps i dozed off

So a victory of Tsukiko who continues her fine form as of late. Slightly more encouraging vote totals too, well, at least when compared to the match between Kyouko and Sawa. From here on out, Tsukiko will probably have to become the Puella Magi killer in order to take the crown. Will that be too much of an ask for her?

Block Finalists 1-1 Repechage Winners


Aragaki Ayase
Kaname Madoka

The first of several re-matches for this round, and right off the bat is the grudge match the Madoka faction has been waiting for as Madoka seeks revenge for her defeat (and Homura’s) at the hands of Ayase in the second round. Truthfully speaking though, the Madoka faction pretty much shot themselves in the foot during that occasion as they split the votes between Madoka and Homura which ended up to be costly. However, since that slip-up, the Madoka faction has never looked back and are now the ones taking charge this year’s tournament. Now, with vote-splitting no longer an issue, this match is Madoka’s for the taking.


2 thoughts on “Goth Slayer

  1. uhlocalboy November 7, 2013 / 4:56 pm

    Up next, the major turning point in Madoka’s campaign. And I mean the franchise, not so much the namesake. Well, the namesake has a big part in it, so…get hype?

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