Final 16 Draw

Saimoe 2013

11/6 K1-1 Sakura Kyouko vs Okita Sawa
11/7 K1-2 Hasegawa Kobato vs Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko
11/8 K1-3 Aragaki Ayase vs Kaname Madoka
11/9 K1-4 Kuroneko vs Akaza Akari
11/10 K1-5 Minato Tomoka vs Toshinou Kyouko
11/11 K1-6 Watashi vs Azuki Azusa
11/12 K1-7 Tomoe Mami vs Nishizumi Miho
11/13 K1-8 Miki Sayaka vs Yoshino

*bold – Contestants have met each other before in previous rounds

11/15 Qf1 K1-1 vs K1-2
11/16 Qf2 K1-3 vs K1-4
11/17 Qf3 K1-5 vs K1-6
11/18 Qf4 K1-7 vs K1-8
11/20 Sf1 Qf1 vs Qf1
11/21 Sf2 Qf3 vs Qf4
11/23 Final Sf1 vs Sf2

So we’ll most likely have 3 Madoka girls in the semi-finals…


P.S Apology for the lack of updates lately. IRL commitments + Kancolle addiction + dwindled interest in the tournament + frustra still MIA = dead blog. I will try to get back to normal schedule, but it’s kinda hard when the outcome is so predictable.


4 thoughts on “Final 16 Draw

  1. Hey, you’ll never know, the admins may end up using the purger against the Madoka faction or the other anime factions could take revenge on them. I wouldn’t count OreImo, YuruYuri, Henneko, or even Watashi out just yet.

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