Koneko, Awai through

1位 105票 Toujou Koneko @ Highschool DxD
2位 74票 Miyanaga Teru @ Saki
3位 57票 Katyusha @ Garupan

1位 82票 Oohashi Awai @ Saki
2位 79票 Fukuji Mihoko @ Saki

At this point, the Saki faction is probably not giving a damn anymore, as evidenced by Teru’s defeat to Koneko.

Or perhaps it’s more on a general scale considering the low vote turn-out orz

Kousaka Kirino
Toshinou Kyouko

Probably the most interesting match in the first round of repechage, with Oreimo’s MC taking on Toshinou Kyouko, the latter being tipped to be one of the repechage contestants who is likely to grab a spot in the True Final 16. If Kyouko wins the match today, she’ll get to resume her hostilities with the Saki faction which has been responsible for her earlier exit at the hands of Tomoka and in last year’s tournament too. Kirino would want to salvage some pride especially since Ayase and Kuroneko were able to make it to the True Final 16, so we could have a decent match here.

Miura Azusa
Uiharu Kazari

Uiharu to win this without breaking a sweat.

P.S With hardly anything to talk about, there will be certain days during the repechage round where I’ll choose to not to post. Expect proper coverage to resume when the final round of repechage takes place.


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