Servants of Darkness

Kobato, Kuroneko through

 1位 247票 Hasegawa Kobato @ Haganai
 2位 122票 Yoshino @ Date A Live
 1位 223票 Kuroneko @ Oreimo
 2位 193票 Akaza Akari @ Yuru Yuri

Heartbreak for Akarin as she once again faded away in the Block Finals, this time being defeated by Kuroneko. At least she’ll get a chance to return this time round though, so it’s not all over yet. Kuroneko’s victory brings Oreimo’s representation to two in the next round, and they’re now tied with Madoka in terms of numbers. It also means we’ll get to see the likes of Tsukiko and Chiho getting another try.

Meanwhile, Haganai’s able to obtain something for their improved efforts in this year’s tournament as Kobato was able to emerge as Block E’s winner after destroying Yoshino, which pretty much proves that the Hermit received most of the votes via combo votes with the more popular characters or as a result of strategical voting in the previous rounds.

Block F

If Watashi wins – Sawa. Akiko, Kirino qualify for repechage
If Misawa Maho wins – Nodoka, Nyaruko, Hinagiku qualify for repechage

Being a new entrant, Watashi has been performing very well, with her exploits made even impressive considering that she’s pretty much a solo-type contestant without belonging to any strong factions. If she wins here today, she’ll only be the first newcomer to actually win a Block Final match, considering how the rest have been knocked out so far. However, her opponent will be Maho who has been equally outstanding in her own right having defeated Nodoka in the previous round. Here’s a chance for Ro-Kyu-Bu to prove that their victories weren’t mostly aided by strategic voting by the stronger factions – though they might very well receive some help from them again with Nodoka supporters trying to push for a Maho victory here. Madoka fans might also see Watashi as the greater threat, but they are also aware that voting against Watashi would revive Nodoka (with Watashi herself coming back in the repechage round). Leaning to a Watashi victory here.

Block H

If Miki Sayaka wins – Kuroko, Teru, Haruka qualify for repechage
If Chitanda Eru wins – MISAKA #10032, Muromi, Miki qualify for repechage

Considering the form of the Madoka faction, Sayaka should be able to seize victory here. A Eru victory here though would certainly boost our curiosity in subsequent proceedings, but it’s probably unlikely.


2 thoughts on “Servants of Darkness

  1. chichai October 16, 2013 / 4:07 pm

    Saki faction has quit, otherwise they won’t let Block B down. I don’t think they’re interested in pushing Nodoka for repechage.

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