Full Circle

Results are still not out yet – I guess even the servers have given up on Saimoe.

Okay they’re out.

 1位 305票 Aragaki Ayase @ Oreimo
 2位 234票 Nishizumi Miho @ Girls Und Panzer
 1位 366票 Minato Tomoka @ Ro-Kyu-Bu
 2位 160票 Shimizudani Ryuuka @ Saki

So yup, the Madoka-backed Ayase+Tomoka combo proved to be too much for Miho and Ryuuka. This means that Ako and Kuro are officially out of the tournament – another major blow for the Saki faction. Meanwhile, the Madoka faction will be rubbing their hands with glee as they have managed to salvage their situation in Block B, with Madoka hoping to rise up the ranks in the repechage round. Meanwhile, Tomoka’s win continues her impressive run of form, and she seems to be developing a reputation as a Saki slayer having defeated Awai, Arata and now Ryuuka. Toshinou Kyouko will also get another chance to prove herself as a result of this victory.

Block E
If Kobato wins: Sakurako, Uiharu, Katyusha, Takane qualifies for repechage
If Yoshino wins: Shizu, Haruka, Yoriko qualifies for repechage

This should hopefully be a chance for a more even match – Block E has been devoid of big names from the start, and there’s unlikely to be any influence by the major factions here. Well, the Saki faction might want to push Yoshino here so that Shizu can qualify for repechage, but at this stage they probably won’t care that much anymore. The Raildex supporters who are pushing for Akarin today might vote for Kobato in the hopes of reviving Uiharu, but they aren’t really as significant compared to the likes of the Madoka or Saki faction. Yoshino edges out in terms of being the new face, but I think support for Haganai should be enough to see Kobato through.

Block G
If Kuroneko wins: Tsukiko, Chiho, Miura Azusa qualifies for repechage
If Akarin wins: Asuna, Saten, Index qualifies for repechage

This could turn out to be an interesting match – the Raildex supporters will be pushing for Akarin here for obvious reasons, but it isn’t too bad on Kuroneko’s side either, with two decent newcomers in the form of Tsukiko and Chiho eager to return to the fold. The neutral’s favorite will still be Akarin here, and her supporters are determined not to let her slip up again at this stage after she fell to Toki last year.


2 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. uhlocalboy October 15, 2013 / 3:56 pm

    The Kuroneko voters are thinking double, double, DOUBLE. It’s happened before with Mio, even though the Anizone Best Moe counted as part of it. If Ayase’s results says anything, look for Ruri to keep it going today.

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