Failed Foresight

Mami, Kyouko through

 1位 503票 Tomoe Mami @ Madoka Magica
 2位 230票 Onjouji Toki @ Saki
 1位 491票 Sakura Kyouko @ Madoka Magica
 2位 220票 Azuki Azusa @ Henneko

It’s over, folks. As much as I hate to say this, we’re probably going to have a repeat series winner this year as it seems that no one’s able to stop the Madoka faction’s onslaught. Last year’s champion couldn’t even muster a fight, suffering a heavy defeat against Mami, while Azuki Azusa was also annihilated in the same way – only managing less than half of Kyouko’s votes.

With that, Koneko, Yozora, Yuu, Aoi, Mihoko, Rikka qualify for repechage round alongside the losers of today’s battle.

Block B

If Ayase wins: Kirame, Madoka, Akane qualify for repechage
If Miho wins: Kuro, Ako, Himawari qualify for repechage

Ayase vs Miho seems like a good match-up – no one expected them to reach this stage at the start of the tournament, but they have done so primarily as a result of tactical voting employed by the big factions. This is essentially a behind-the-scenes Madoka vs Saki faction battle, with the Madoka faction rooting for Ayase and the Saki faction faction rooting for Miho in order to allow some of their strongest representatives to return back to the fold. With the Madoka faction outclassing even the Saki faction as of late, it looks pretty grim for Miho.

Block D

If Ryuuka wins: Saki, Komari, Tamao qualify for repechage
If Tomoka wins: Arata, Kyouko, Awai qualify for repechage

It’s funny that, if Tomoka were to win, Saki would have another three representatives in the repechage round, as opposed to one if Ryuuka were to emerge victorious instead. Would the Saki faction opt for quantity over quality at this stage for the tournament? In any case, this could be a decent match – while Tomoka’s victories has been nothing short of stellar, she has probably been used as a pawn by the bigger factions to eliminate the likes of Kyouko and Arata, so Ryuuka has a chance here. She’s currently the last Saki contestant left in the Block Finals, so the Saki faction might be determined to ensure that they’ll at least win one block after the debacle they’ve suffered this year. However, when it comes down to combo votes, expect the Madoka-backed Ayase-Tomoka combo votes to triumph over the Saki-backed Miho-Ryuuka combo, and as such I’m leaning to Tomoka here.


5 thoughts on “Failed Foresight

  1. Kiririn October 14, 2013 / 2:31 pm

    Yeah Saimoe is so over.
    Well good luck to the Madoka for the rest of it.

    • Kaosu October 14, 2013 / 2:38 pm

      ……….still praying that Madoka comes back from the repechage round and wins instead of Mami repeating 😦

      • Progeusz October 14, 2013 / 11:08 pm

        Yeah, just this. It would be terrible if Mami won again. Madoka and Homura deserve it much more but latter is already out for sure…
        Graphs are painful to watch considering those are block finals. At least last year stuff like Toki vs Akari was really interesting.

  2. fruant October 14, 2013 / 5:21 pm

    This is the way Saimoe ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper

    Thanks admins.

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