Block A&C Final Preview

And so here we are, the Block Finals. The new ruling implemented in the previous round has left a bad taste in the mouth, but there’s still some exciting matches to look forward to as a result of that and the strategic votes that have taken place between the major factions, especially with repechage in mind.

First up, the battle between the champions of the past two editions of the tournament. Both were pretty much monsters back then, stomping any enemy in their sight. They also have another thing in common – the duo’s plight in their respective shows also contributed greatly to the support they have received.

Fast forward to today, and they are still strutting their stuff, but the fortunes of their respective series differ to a certain extent. The Madoka faction has recovered well after suffering the double loss of Madoka and Homura in the second round and has seized a certain amount of control over the tournament’s proceedings. On the other hand, the Saki faction is at an all-time low – most of their strongest representatives have been knocked out in the previous round, and they are down in quantity too, with only the Senriyama OTP left.

A factor that could influence proceedings greatly throughout the block finals will be that of the repechage round. Let’s take a look at the contestants who are waiting for their opportunity to receive a second chance in this tournament:

The following characters will qualify for repechage if Mami wins:

Matsumi Yuu – Saki
Mikazuki Yozora – Haganai
Toujou Koneko – Highschool DxD

The following characters will qualify for repechage if Toki wins:

Yuigahama Yui – Oregairu
Kise Yayoi – Smile Precure
Frenda Seivelun – Railgun

Clearly, Mami has the advantage here having defeated bigger names from stronger names. Haganai supporters will be backing Mami up here so that Yozora can return to the fold – the Haganai MC did show some early promise before being defeated by Mami. Yuu supporters might also turn against Toki and vote with their favorite girl’s interests in mind.

The Saki faction could also opt for a strategic vote here – making Toki lose on purpose would send both her and Yuu to the repechage round, where they are likely to emerge as successful returnees and as such, increase their numbers as we approach the tail end of the tournament. Of course, this plan could backfire if Saki’s woeful streak continues – but they can still salvage their chances if they play their cards right.

So with current form, combo voting with Kyouko and the odds favoring Mami over here, Toki faces an uphill task that is equally as straining as her fight against Teru in a game of mahjong. However, a victory of her here could be the boost the Saki faction is looking for and it might also change the face of the tournament once again.

>mfw I only realized there will be two Block Finals matches in a single day while I’m writing this post… I HAVE FAILED

The second block final match sees Azuki Azusa up against Kyouko. The newcomer has been living up to expectations so far after her impressive performance in the prelims. Her convincing victory over Shinka in the previous round was the pinnacle of her accomplishments thus far. However, she faces an even tougher opponent over here – one who has defeated the more popular Chu2Koi girl in the form of Rikka.

The following characters will qualify for repechage if Azusa wins:

Nibutani Shinka – Chu2Koi
Yazawa Niko – Love Live!
Oshino Shinobu – Monogatari series

The following characters will qualify for repechage if Kyouko wins:

Takanashi Rikka – Chu2Koi
Fukuji Mihoko – Saki
Futaba Aoi – Vividred

Essentially, there will be a hidden battle between Shinka and Rikka fans which could be a factor that influence proceedings. However, the decisive factor here will still be the combo votes the Madoka faction will be experiencing today. Needless to say though, if Toki’s able to beat Mami, then there’s a high probability that Azusa will go through instead.


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    • Kaosu October 13, 2013 / 10:37 pm

      From Wikipedia: “Repechage (/rɛpɨˈʃɑːʒ/; French: repêchage, “fishing out, rescuing”) is a practice amongst ladder competitions (those with a series of rounds of competition) that allows participants who failed to meet qualifying standards by a small margin to continue to the next round.”

      And see

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