Azuki Azusa and Tomoka through

*results to be confirmed

1位 591票 Azuki Azusa @ Henneko
2位 380票 Nibutani Shinka @ Chu2Koi

1位 627票 Minato Tomoka @ Ro-Kyu-Bu!
2位 343票 Sagimori Arata @ Saki

Oh my. Who would have thought that the margin of victory would be that big, more surprising so for the match between Azuki Azusa and Shinka. The latter, who has been impressing thus far, was blown apart in an instant, ending hopes of a all-Chu2Koi Block Final.

So what could be the reason behind this result? Not to play down Azuki Azusa’s strength – she has always being touted as one of the promising newcomers since the start of the tournament and she still is. However, the result should have been much closer, considering how modest Henneko has been with their victories. It is possible that this was the work of the Madoka faction who turned up to back Azusa knocking that Shinka will be the greater threat for Kyouko if she were to go through to the block finals. This move could indeed be a tactical one – a win for Kyouko over Rikka and then a Azuki Azusa victory in the Block Finals would dump Rikka out for good, while Kyouko would mostly likely have no problems performing in the repechage round and coming back instantly. Of course, tactical genius can end up being plain stupid if it were to be a Azusa-Rikka final with the former winning.

Mokkan’s victory over Arata was kind of expected considering how the latter has been feeding on her fellow comrades throughout the whole tournament, but to win by quite a landslide was somewhat unexpected (and she achieved more than 600 votes while at it too!). But then again, if you factor the neutrals’ support for Tomoka, the Yuru Yuri faction’s desire to bring Kyouko back into the tournament, and the combo votes with Azuki Azusa in which the Madoka faction had some part in, it pretty much justifies the score.

Sakura Kyouko
Takanashi Rikka

The mouthwatering clash between one of the Madoka girls and perhaps the strongest newcomer in this year’s tournament. This will be a true test for the Wicked Eye, and she might be forced to bend reality here in order to beat Kyouko, with the Madoka faction seemingly gaining the upper hand for the past few days. As already mentioned above, a lot of scenarios can pan out with repechage system in place – but at the end of the day, it’s better to win rather than lose after all. This match could also very well tell us if there’s anyone who could stand up to the Madoka faction.

Miyanaga Saki
Shimizudani Ryuuka

This could go either way – you would normally expect Ryuuka to be sacrificed here for MC, but Saki hasn’t been up to scratch, especially comparing to her performances from a year ago. That said, in the previous round, the Tanoshii Devil actually put in a more convincing performance than Ryuuka – the former defeating Sena while the latter barely making it past Komari. This could very well come down to ‘giving the other a chance’, and with the girls from the Achiga series generally performing better than the ones from the main series, Ryuuka could take this. However, Sena supporters could very well determine the outcome of this match – they will be pushing Saki here in order to keep their repechage hopes alive. Toshinou Kyouko’s supporters will also influence this match – it’s up to them to determine who’s the greater threat here against Mokkan.

3 thoughts on “Blowout

  1. Kiririn October 7, 2013 / 2:44 pm

    Ouch I really didn’t see that one coming.
    Though I’m happy for Azuki Azusa because she deserves this win, I just hopes she doesn’t stop here.

  2. uhlocalboy October 7, 2013 / 7:06 pm

    Looks like Rikka could be toast here.

  3. Kaosu October 7, 2013 / 8:41 pm

    Madoka faction is terrifying O.o

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