Zero Presence

Akarin, MISAKA #10032 through

1位 295票 Akaza Akari @ Yuru Yuri
2位 272票 Saten Ruiko @ Raildex
3位 25票 Takanashi Miu @ Papa Kiki

1位 251票 MISAKA #10032 @ Raildex
2位 180票 Nishizono Mio @ Little Busters
3位 112票 Amy @ Gargantia 

So Akarin was able to rise to the occasion and beat off the challenge of Saten to become only the second Yuru Yuri contestant to make it to Round 3. Saten was actually leading up till the final four hours, before Akarin supporters stepped it up a notch to ensure that their ace continues to exist in this year’s tournament. Once again, a Raildex character fell short in a crucial match.

Meanwhile, MISAKA #10032 was able to capitalize on combo voting and her weak opponents to advance, meaning that Group H is where Railgun’s remaining hopes lie.

So with that Round 2 ends and Saimoe takes a one-day break. A good time to catch your breath, because it’s going to be an intense Round 3 right off the bat.


One thought on “Zero Presence

  1. Kiririn October 3, 2013 / 2:28 pm

    Close, Akarin isn’t as strong as last year.

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