Rapier Wit

Asuna, Eru through

1位 209票 Asuna @ Sword Art Online
2位 168票 Sugiura Ayano @ Yuru Yuri
3位 61票 Sonoda Umi @ Love Live

1位 263票 Chitanda Eru @ Hyouka
2位 124票 Muromi @ Muromi-san
3位 47票 Nori @ Hidamari Sketch

So in the end, Yuru Yuri didn’t show enough desire to gain a foothold on Block G as Ayano was propelled out of the tournament by Asuna. The latter’s victory means that she joins the likes of Watashi, Sawa and Miho as newcomers who are currently the only representative of their series remaining in the tournament.

Meanwhile, yet another confortable win for Chitanda, and she could possibly continue repeating this feat for the next round with no strong opponents in sight just yet.

So finally we come to the last day of Round 2.

Saten Ruiko
Takanashi Miu
Akaza Akari

One of the most crucial matches in Round 2 takes place today with two aces clashing: Raildex’s Saten against Yuru Yuri’s Akarin. Tactical voting could most likely take place today – it depends on which of the two is seen as the greater danger by their rivals’ supporters. Akarin seems to be the greater threat, but Yuru Yuri’s performance in Round 2 has been pretty dire with only Sakurako qualifying so far. Still, the likes of Tsukiko and Kuroneko supporters are likely to prefer erasing Akarin’s existence now rather than later. However, the Madoka faction might want to root for Akarin here instead to prevent a Raildex combo vote in Round 3 when Sayaka duels with Kuroko – but even if Saten doesn’t make it through, there’s the possibility that Akarin fans might vote for Kuroko instead of Sayaka anyway, so it might not matter much.

MISAKA #10032
Nishizono Mio

MISAKA #10032 should receive a nice boost from Saten, which could be a decisive factor here over Mio and Amy who are not amongst the strong and prominent new faces this year. That said, Akarin supporters will probably hold an influence in this match – the one who gets the most combo votes with her could very well end up winning this match.


3 thoughts on “Rapier Wit

  1. fruant October 2, 2013 / 4:25 pm

    Saten represents everything wrong with Railgun.

    Akari represents everything right with Yuru Yuri and the world.

    Choice is clear.

    • heero October 3, 2013 / 5:21 am

      Saki represents everything that is wrong with Saimoe

  2. enigmateiiku October 3, 2013 / 1:39 am

    Supporting Saten all the way!

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