Tsukiko, Sayaka through

 1位 267票 Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko @ Henneko
 2位 174票 Natsume Rin @ Lil' Busters
 3位 75票 Toujou Nozomi @ Love Live!
 1位 281票 Miki Sayaka @ Madoka Magica
 2位 189票 Miyanaga Teru @ Saki
 3位 106票 Kashii Airi @ Ro-Kyu-Bu

So yup, results were as expected, with Sayaka ultimately too strong for Teru, proving that you need one of your strongest to beat another from a different series. Meanwhile, Tsukiko continues her march towards the Block Finals and remains one of the debutantes to look out for. A cat-fight with Kuroneko awaits her in the next round, which will be a stern test to her credentials.

Yuuki Asuna
Sugiura Ayano
Sonoda Umi

Could be an interesting one – Ayano definitely has the advantage here in terms of series strength, though she’s not amongst the stronger Yuru Yuri representatives around. This could open things up for Asuna and Umi – both making the final stand for their respective series. While prelims are not an accurate measure of their head-to-head strength, it’s worth noting Asuna finished above Chinatsu and Ayano finished below Suguha back then. However, the Yuru Yuri faction are determined to put their fullest support behind Ayano here – a victory for her and Akarin the following day would boost their chances of winning Block G. Rival series will be aware of this though, but they are likely to focus more of their attention towards the Saten-Akarin match tomorrow.

Chitanda Eru

The opponents here today are not enough for Chitanda’s curiosity to be heightened. She should grab the victory here.


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