Repechage Final Round

BACK. I will be previewing and reviewing the final round of repechage in this single post, so check back daily for updates.

Takanashi Rikka
Nishizumi Miho

The battle between two of the better performing newcomers in this year’s tournament, though there were different circumstances surrounding their performances. Miho has been taking advantage of the battle between the Saki and Madoka faction to get to the Block Finals, where she was eventually undone by a Madoka-backed Ayase. Meanwhile, Rikka suffered a direct hit, being ousted by Kyouko – but she has put in some great performances prior to her defeat. Leaning to Rikka here, but here’s a good opportunity for the remaining contestants to eliminate the chuuni who’s undoubtedly a greater threat than Miho.

Uiharu Kazari

Yoshino’s been one of the underdogs of the tourney, being the neutral’s favorite in her run-up to the Block Finals where she eventually lost out to Kobato. Uiharu, being part of Block E, also lost to Kobato, but in an earlier round. She’s Railgun’s final hope, though signs haven’t been good with her barely scrapping a win against Sakurako in the previous repechage round. Being a fresh face could very well work to Yoshino’s advantage here.


1位 186票 Nishizumi Miho @ Garupan
2位 130票 Takanashi Rikka @ Chu2Koi

1位 174票 Yoshino @ Date A Live
2位 126票 Uiharu Kazari @ Raildex

The journey is over for Rikka who was widely regarded as the strongest newcomer at the start of the competition. Things didn’t go down too well for her after her defeat at the hands of Madoka’s Kyouko, and she has once again fallen short here at the hands of Miho. Miho continues to march on, doing a great job flying the flag for the Garupan contingent which was expected not to go far this year after disappointing performances during the initial rounds. She’ll now be hoping for a good draw – one that doesn’t involve the Madoka faction in any way.

Meanwhile, Raildex’s participation in this year’s tournament is over after Uiharu failed to overcome Yoshino.


Toshinou Kyouko
Shimizudani Ryuuka

These two contestants could have very well locked horns in the Block D final, but it didn’t prove to be the case as Kyouko was stopped by Tomoka in the second round. Now she has a good chance to return back to the fold, especially with the Saki faction having seemingly given up on the tournament, as seen from the annihilation they have suffered in the repechage round so far.

Okita Sawa
Misawa Maho

This could turn out to be an intriguing battle since there’s not much tactical voting element being involved. Once again, these two could have met in the block finals, but Watashi was able to edge out Sawa in the third round. Maho’s run to the block finals has been a combination of luck and good timing – limping past Hinagiku in the first round, and being able to overcome Nodoka thanks to the new rule being implemented during the third round onwards. She was eventually crushed by Watashi though, and with Sawa having run Watashi relatively close during their battle, this match could very well be Sawa’s for the taking.


Koneko, Awai through

1位 105票 Toujou Koneko @ Highschool DxD
2位 74票 Miyanaga Teru @ Saki
3位 57票 Katyusha @ Garupan

1位 82票 Oohashi Awai @ Saki
2位 79票 Fukuji Mihoko @ Saki

At this point, the Saki faction is probably not giving a damn anymore, as evidenced by Teru’s defeat to Koneko.

Or perhaps it’s more on a general scale considering the low vote turn-out orz

Kousaka Kirino
Toshinou Kyouko

Probably the most interesting match in the first round of repechage, with Oreimo’s MC taking on Toshinou Kyouko, the latter being tipped to be one of the repechage contestants who is likely to grab a spot in the True Final 16. If Kyouko wins the match today, she’ll get to resume her hostilities with the Saki faction which has been responsible for her earlier exit at the hands of Tomoka and in last year’s tournament too. Kirino would want to salvage some pride especially since Ayase and Kuroneko were able to make it to the True Final 16, so we could have a decent match here.

Miura Azusa
Uiharu Kazari

Uiharu to win this without breaking a sweat.

P.S With hardly anything to talk about, there will be certain days during the repechage round where I’ll choose to not to post. Expect proper coverage to resume when the final round of repechage takes place.