Kuroneko, Kuroko through

1位 225票 Kuroneko@Oreimo
2位 153票 Sasaki Chiho@Hataraku Maou-sama
3位 34票 Hachisuka Goemon@Oda Nobuna

1位 179票 Shirai Kuroko@Raildex
2位 173票 Sakai Wakana@TARI TARI
3位 55票 Nishizumi Maho@Girls Und Panzer

So Kuroko was able to halt Railgun’s poor run of form, though she had to work her socks out for it with Wakana almost stealing the win from her in the dying seconds of the match. Well, she’s through in any case – which could possibly set up a Raildex combo vote day in Round 3… assuming Saten is able to get past Akarin.

Meanwhile, Kuroneko was able to secure a victory as expected, ending Maou-sama’s and Nobuna’s hopes for this year’s tournament.


Natsume Rin
Toujou Nozomi
Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko

Tsukiko should grab the win here – though opposing series in this Block, such as Yuru Yuri and Oreimo might want to take her out by making use of Rin. However, I doubt they’re cunning enough to engage in tactical voting today.

Kashii Airi
Miyanaga Teru
Miki Sayaka

And once again, it’s a direct confrontation between the Saki and Madoka faction. While her comrades have faltered, Teru has performed above expectations so far in this tournament. These two have actually met during the prelims – with Sayaka finishing just above Teru back then. It’ll be a direct duel this time though, but the outcome will probably be the same – ultimately Teru isn’t amongst the aces Saki have in Saimoe, and as such Sayaka will be too strong for her to handle.


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