Warming Up

Yuu, Kirame, Azuki Azusa through

1位 269票 Matsumi Yuu
2位 121票 Fate Testarossa
3位 97票 Shirakiin Ririchiyo

1位 221票 Hanada Kirame
2位 160票 Oda Nobuna
3位 56票 Hagiwara Yukiho
4位 49票 Matsumoto Rise

1位 229票 Azuki Azusa
2位 126票 Yazawa Niko
3位 113票 Reizei Mako

Expected results, with Yuu once again impressive by crushing her opponents even when it wasn’t really required. So we’ll have Mami vs Yuu, Ayase vs Subara and Shinka vs Azuki Azusa in the next round. A huge Saki vs Madoka battle and a confrontation between two of the strongest newcomers – it’s gonna be good.


Emilia Justina
Ayase Eri
Yuigahama Yui

Continuing from where we left off, another battle between three new faces in this year’s tournament. Could be a tricky one – Maou-sama did better than Oregairu counterparts during the prelims, but Yui seems to be more popular girl compared to Emilia. Then there is Eri who’s a representative from Love Live, a series that has greater quantity in the second round. That said, I think Yui will take this one, with her performances so far backing her up.

Matsumi Kuro
Noumi Kudryavka
Kotoura Haruka

Fukuji Mihoko
Araragi Tsukihi
Sakura Kyouko

Now this is where things get intriguing, with the two biggest factions involved. The Saki faction, seeking to seize control of Block B, will be putting their weight behind Kuro, but it won’t be easy as the Madoka faction will attempt to salvage their dire situation. Kud herself has been somewhat overshadowed by other fellow debutants, but she’s actually quite a tough competitor herself. The Madoka faction will be hoping to utilize her to get rid of Kuro, so Kud will be receiving a decent boost.

Meanwhile in the other match, it’s a direct confrontation – Kyapten has declined since her semi-final finish in 2009, while Kyouko seems to be the weakest amongst the Madoka girls. Kyapten will definitely receive a nice boost from Kuro, so Kyouko will have to up her game here. Besides that, there’s a chance that Chu2Koi supporters might spring into action here, seeing that Kyouko could pose some trouble for Rikka in their possible third round match. They’re feeling confident however – Shinka did finish above Kyouko in the prelims even when Homura was present, and they probably feel that Rikka can take on Kyouko head on if they are to meet.

So Saki vs Madoka – who’ll gain the upper hand here in the first tussle of several to come? Seeing that the Madoka girls have been attracting more votes than the Saki girls in general, it could very well be their day, but Saki’s true might remains to be seen.


7 thoughts on “Warming Up

  1. uhlocalboy September 21, 2013 / 2:19 pm

    I think the Madoka voters elected to go for a change of plans. Shut out the Nanoha faction and make the path slightly easier for the Goddess by making Subara a repechage opponent. They’re going to throw Ayase over the top in the next round and the Group Final if they are successful

    • what September 21, 2013 / 2:33 pm

      Repechage doesn’t work like that. Even presuming that Ayase wins the group there’s no reason that Madoka will be in the same loser group as Subaru. Even if that was the idea it’s meaningless anyway given that it’s not like Nobuna would be a relevant opponent.

  2. Kiririn September 21, 2013 / 2:27 pm

    Fate has never been good in Saimoe. Other than that one time where she took the place of Nanoha, she barely ever made out of round 2. Nanoha is the only one who could fight, and even she doesn’t have as much support as before now. It’s been too long already, like 8 years?

  3. Kiririn September 21, 2013 / 4:34 pm

    Saki will definitely not fight Madoka here, because it’s simply useless. If Kyouko wins today, she has to battle 2 chuu2 on her way to the group final and that’s not easy. On the other hand Kyapten has been very weak these years, and that’s no surprise because she’s barely even had a minute screen time in total. Trying to fight her through will only pull unnecessary hate and she will lose to chuu2 anyway even if she manages it to win today somehow. So no, that’s just dumb.
    Kuro is a meh imo as well, she can win, or might as well not, it really doesn’t matter much. I guess she will, but Ako is the key for Saki in group B.

    • LuniazKun September 21, 2013 / 4:51 pm

      Yeah you have a point there, the door is already pretty much shut for Saki in Block C.

      As for Kuro, a win for her would still be valuable in any case for the Saki faction – better to have two of your own in the third round rather than someone different, especially since Mami’s third-round match with Yuu takes place on the same day.

      • Kiririn September 21, 2013 / 4:59 pm

        I feel like the only thing important for Saki faction at this point is to pull as little hate as possible, if that’s possible at all, and get the few main ones through, don’t fight big factions head on until absolutely needed.

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