Round Two Begins…

Traditionally, there will be a detailed recap after every round, but work commitments coupled with the fact that I’m still recovering from a cold (not the deadly Japanese variant) and frustra still MIA-ing mean that I do not have the time to come up with one. I’m also unable to provide detailed statistics either since I actually wasn’t planning to be heavily involved in the Saimoe coverage this year, until frustra’s absence forced me to step in. Fortunately, gerjomarty has done an excellent job over at, so you can get your stats fix there.

That said, this year’s Saimoe is actually looking much more interesting than what I’d expected initially.

So just a brief summary:

  • Madoka’s still the series to beat with all their main girls qualifying
  • The Saki series is still going strong, but only the more popular characters from Achiga-hen + Nodocchi are performing, with the rest flopping
  • Yuru Yuri and Haganai are enjoying themselves more this year, and they sense an opportunity given the Champions’ Curse afflicting Madoka and Saki
  • Representatives from Chu2Koi and Henneko are still expectedly the new faces to look out for, along with Watashi from Jinrui
  • Raildex is actually doing pretty good, with the Railgun main four impressing
  • Others who are doing decent though not spectacular include Love Live, Ro-Kyu-Bu, Little Busters, the main Garupan girls etc.
  • Hayate, Vividred, Hidamari Sketch amongst the worst flops in the main round

So let’s get on with the preview, and what a way to kick off the second round:

Mushanokouji Iwai
Tomoe Mami
Mikazuki Yozora

Iwai should be out of the question, so this is a match between Mami and Yozora. Yozora is like a different being from what she was last year, having put in massively improved performances. Mami is still a strong competitor from one of the strongest series in Saimoe, though she does have the Champions’ Curse hovering over her head. That said, with three Madoka magical girls in action today, it should provide enough ammunition for Mami as she seeks to gun down Yozora.

Aragaki Ayase
Akemi Homura
Kaname Madoka

Ah, this is a tough one. Back in 2011, you would probably expect Madoka to be sacrificed for Homura based on their popularity levels then, though that might not hold true now. That said, Madoka has managed to go all the way to the semi-finals in 2011, so supporters might make way for Homura so that the latter has a share of the success. Besides, Homura has some unfinished business, as there was a feeling of injustice to her early exit in 2011 due to the BiriBiri cheating scandal.

Of course, there’s also a chance for Ayase to hijack the party, especially if the Madoka faction are caught up in two minds and are unable to split the votes effectively – the repechage system actually makes it harder for them as they’ll have to balance it such that they’ll achieve a 1-2 finish, leaving Ayase last. However, knowing their efficiency and sheer strength compared to Oreimo, the magical girl supporters should be able to find a way here.

Nonohara Yuzuko
Nibutani Shinka

Ika Musume

Mori Summer vs Ika Musume will be the battle to watch out for here, a very promising new face versus a squid girl who still has a lot of support despite the lack of air-time. The latter’s invasion plans came undone in the second round last year, and tbe same fate probably awaits her here as she’s up against the 2nd strongest character of the strongest debutant series this year.


7 thoughts on “Round Two Begins…

  1. Kiririn September 19, 2013 / 5:12 pm

    Homura is out already. It’s a match to see who has less fake votes between Madoka and Ayase at this point.

    • Kaosu September 19, 2013 / 10:12 pm

      Why Japan! Why are you sacrificing Homura! She deserves better!

  2. uhlocalboy September 20, 2013 / 9:53 am

    Homura doesn’t believe that it’s in her best interests to defeat Madoka. She knows that Madoka is her Master. And her wife. (They only mention it as her “best friend” in order to be on the safe side but we all know better.) She wants the Goddess to win it all for the Puella Magi. Any positive result for Mami at this point is a bonus and she’s playing for fun right now.

    • Kaosu September 20, 2013 / 2:05 pm

      Screw that! Are they really going to knock out Homura in round 1 twice?

      Homura has probably set a new record for strongest character to never make it past round 1…if only the stats section were back.

  3. Kiririn September 20, 2013 / 12:27 pm

    Mami has won already. Ayase is probably leading by a very small margin in 2nd group. Shinka is losing to Ika in the 3rd, but it’s hard to tell, there are too many fake votes. Anyone can win right now, it all depends on the final rush now.

    • uhlocalboy September 20, 2013 / 12:48 pm

      If the Madoka voters go for Madoka in the final hour, Ayase’s looking straight down the repechage’s barrel because they will pile on the legit votes HARD.

  4. Kiririn September 20, 2013 / 12:32 pm

    Also apparently Nanoha has 700+ fake votes.

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