Yuri Council

Kobato, Sakurako, Chitose, Himawari through

1st 184 (54.44%) Hasegawa Kobato @ Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai
2nd 77 (22.78%) Katyusha @ Girls Und Panzer
2nd 77 (22.78%) Shijou Takane @ The Idolm@ster

1st 174 (50.43%) Oomuro Sakurako @ Yuru Yuri
2nd 108 (31.30%) Hikigaya Komachi @ Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru
3rd 63 (18.26%) Saigusa Haruka @ Little Busters!

1st 166 (47.84%) Ikeda Chitose @ Yuru Yuri
2nd 128 (36.89%) Segawa Izumi @ Hayate No Gotoku
3rd 53 (15.27%) Hagimura Suzu @ Seitokai Yakuindomo

1st 190 (54.44%) Furutani Himawari @ Yuru Yuri
2nd 89 (25.50%)  Kusunoki Yukimura @ Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai
3rd 70 (20.06%) Ganaha Hibiki @ The Idolm@ster

The Yuru Yuri student council combo turned out to be too much for their competitors to handle as a 95-vote combo between the three of them propelled them to the second round of the tournament. As expected, Chitose had the toughest battle but she still won by a comfortable margin in the end. Meanwhile, Kobato smashed Katyusha and Takane to continue Haganai’s fine run despite Yukimura missing out on a spot.


Uiharu Kazari
Matsumae Ohana
Sherlock Shellingford

All three of these contestants have never made it past Round 2 before, and only one will get the chance to go further than they have gone in the past. This will go down to series strength, and Railgun’s still going strong when compared to Hanairo and Milky Holmes.

Funakubo Hiroko
Dekomori Sanae
Roromiya Karuta

Dekomori, while not on the level of Shinka and Rikka in terms of their performances, should win this one comfortably. Karuta would have given her some competition if this match were to happen last year, but it has been quite a while since Inu X Boku last aired.

Matsumoto Yoriko
Izumi Konata

Yoshino to freeze out her competitors over here. Yoriko will try to heat things up, but she’s unlikely to melt Yoshino’s resolve here. As for Konata, we’ve seen what happened to Kagami, so count her out on this one.

Yagami Hayate
Kurusu Kanako
Takakamo Shizuno

Shizu is Saki’s best bet in this block, so she’ll receive the backing she needs here.


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