Star Player

Saki, Rika, Komari, Tomoka, Saori through…

1位 223票 宮永咲@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
1位 223票 志熊理科@僕は友達が少ないNEXT
3位 28票 富樫樟葉@中二病でも恋がしたい!

1位 219票 神北小毬@リトルバスターズ!
2位 125票 押水菜子@劇場版 花咲くいろは HOME SWEET HOME
3位 85票 環凛子@夏色キセキ Festival -15回目のナツヤスミ-

1位 255票 湊智花@ロウきゅーぶ!
2位 181票 大星淡@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
3位 45票 鎖部葉風@絶園のテンペスト

1位 242票 武部沙織@ガールズ&パンツァー
2位 109票 鶴来民子@劇場版 花咲くいろは HOME SWEET HOME
3位 93票 緑川なお(キュアマーチ)@スマイルプリキュア!

Haganai continued their impressive form as Rika was able to secure a spot in the next round, having tied with Saki. The BL-loving scientist actually had the lead for most of the day before Saki upped her game in the final hours of the match. Just like her performance in the prelims, Saki continues to perform below the level she showed the previous year, and the task isn’t going to get easier for her as Sena awaits in the next round. Ironically, sending Rika through too could possibly cause some votes to be split between the two Haganai characters, though it’s likely that Rika will be sacrificed there.

Meanwhule, Saori and Komari had an easy victory over their opponents as expected, while Mokkan was hardly troubled by the Saki combo voting and put in a good shift against Awai to set up a clash against Toshinou Kyouko. That should be an interesting match to watch as tactical voting heats up in the second round.

So Saimoe takes a one-day break, but I’ll just go ahead and preview the next set of matches. Hardly any championship-tier characters in Block E, but that will hopefully give the rest a chance to shine.

Last Order
Akechi Mitsuhide
Aida Mana

Last Order has the advantage in terms of series popularity, though I expect some form of competition from Mitsuhide over here.

Amatsuka Megumi
Yousei-san (The Fairies)
Ikeda Kana

GJ-Bu has no luck in Saimoe, so Kana should be the favorite here. Though the fairies from Jintai are just the perfect troll material for 2ch to play with…

Amami Haruka

Saginomiya Isumi
Takanomiya Arisa

This one’s between Haruka and Isumi – the idols from Idolmaster have not been stellar in Saimoe, while the Hayate girls are on a very sharp decline. I think Haruka will edge this one out.

Harusaki Chiwa
Kousaka Honoka
Inabe Rinne

This one is a toss-up between Chiwa and Honoka. While their results haven’t been eye-catching, Love Live has actually done pretty decent, with 4 of the idols qualifying the second round so far. Chiwa had a better prelim result than Honoka, so anything can happen here.


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