Kuroneko, Kuroko through

1位 225票 Kuroneko@Oreimo
2位 153票 Sasaki Chiho@Hataraku Maou-sama
3位 34票 Hachisuka Goemon@Oda Nobuna

1位 179票 Shirai Kuroko@Raildex
2位 173票 Sakai Wakana@TARI TARI
3位 55票 Nishizumi Maho@Girls Und Panzer

So Kuroko was able to halt Railgun’s poor run of form, though she had to work her socks out for it with Wakana almost stealing the win from her in the dying seconds of the match. Well, she’s through in any case – which could possibly set up a Raildex combo vote day in Round 3… assuming Saten is able to get past Akarin.

Meanwhile, Kuroneko was able to secure a victory as expected, ending Maou-sama’s and Nobuna’s hopes for this year’s tournament.


Natsume Rin
Toujou Nozomi
Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko

Tsukiko should grab the win here – though opposing series in this Block, such as Yuru Yuri and Oreimo might want to take her out by making use of Rin. However, I doubt they’re cunning enough to engage in tactical voting today.

Kashii Airi
Miyanaga Teru
Miki Sayaka

And once again, it’s a direct confrontation between the Saki and Madoka faction. While her comrades have faltered, Teru has performed above expectations so far in this tournament. These two have actually met during the prelims – with Sayaka finishing just above Teru back then. It’ll be a direct duel this time though, but the outcome will probably be the same – ultimately Teru isn’t amongst the aces Saki have in Saimoe, and as such Sayaka will be too strong for her to handle.

Hometown Heroes

Arata, Shizuno, Maho through

*Final vote count to be confirmed shortly Confirmed
>organizers in charge of tallying votes

 1位 246票 Sagimori Arata @ Saki
 2位 222票 Takebe Saori @ Garupan
 3位 84票 Shokuhou Misaki @ Raildex
 1位 275票 Takakamo Shizuno @ Saki
 2位 197票 Furutani Himawari @ Yuru Yuri
 3位 87票 Kousaka Honoka @ Love Live
 1位 226票 Misawa Maho @ Ro-Kyu-Bu
 2位 179票 Nyaruka @ Nyaruko-san W
 3位 128票 Kirigaya Suguha @ SAO

The Saki faction is certainly on a roll after their earlier Round 2 disappointments, with the Achiga duo of Arata and Shizu chalking up wins. As expected, the Yuru Yuri supporters were putting in their support for Saori in an attempt to re-seize some control over Block D so that Toshinou Kyouko has a better chance of qualifying for repechage – but the Achiga combo proved to be too hot to handle with a whooping 220 combo votes for Shizu and Arata over 130 combo votes for Himawari and Saori.

With Arata’s win, the Saki faction now takes almost full control of Block D, with Tomoka (backed by Toshinou Kyouko’s soul) their only obstacle. Another convincing win for Shizu means that she’s still the favorite to win Block E, while Maho – just like Tomoka – was able to put last year’s disappointment behind her and march on to the third round after a good win over Nyaruko. That final episode must have helped, but a big part of Maho’s win was also attributed to the Saki faction who chose to vote Maho along with their Arata + Shizu combo.

So to sum things up, here are the Block C,D,E,F matches we’ll be having in the third round:

Shinka vs Azuki Azusa | Tomoka vs Arata
Kyouko vs Rikka | Saki vs Ryuuka
Kobato vs Sakurako | Nodoka vs Maho
Yoshino vs Shizu | Watashi vs Sawa

Surprise! No direct combo voting for these matches, which should make things a lil’ more interesting.

So Saimoe takes a one-day break before we wrap up the remaining two blocks. Check back this post sometime tomorrow for the previews.


Sasaki Chiho
Hachisuka Goemon

A showdown between Kuroneko and one of the popular Spring 13 girls in the form of Chiho. Both come into this match in high spirits having annihilated thier opponents in the previous round, and both also came second in their respective prelim groups. However, in terms of series strength, Oreimo holds the advantage here, and this should work in Kuroneko’s favor. Of course there’s the possibility of tactical voting here by Tsukiko fans, but it’s probably unlikely.

Sakai Wakana
Nishizumi Maho
Shirai Kuroko

Raildex is experiencing a bad run in form, having no success in the second round thus far. Kuroko will be aiming to stop the rut here, but her task that awaits her won’t be an easy one as she is up against Wakana, one of the two P.A Works aces for this year. Sawa was able to beat her opponents by more than a hundred votes a few days ago, so things are not looking good for Kuroko.