Elder’s Sacrifice

Thank you, Onee-chan

1位 181票 松実玄@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
2位 178票 松実宥@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A

This result is confirmed.


Not enough warm tiles for Yuu, as she exits the tournament by the slightest of margins. She gave away her lead in the later stages of the match, allowing her younger sis to increase her prelim grp winners victim count to five. Kuro’s now the favorite to make it to the final, where she’ll either face Toki and Nodocchi. Will it be a reunion with an old friend or a fearsome opponent? We’ll find out soon.

Next up…

Rank: 8
Average Vote: 284
Average Vote %: 48.82
Highlight of the tournament: Clutching it up against Airi and Sena

Takei Hisa
Rank: 5
Average Vote: 297
Average Vote %: 50.40
Highlight of the tournament: Beating Cure Peace in the Block Finals

The last non-Saki contestant standing faces off against Hisa in a match where records are up for stake. If Shana wins here, she’ll surpass Nanoha’s and Nagi’s joint record of 18 overall wins in Saimoe. If Hisa wins here, Saki will completely sweep the semis – something the Madoka series missed out on in the previous year. Shana’s had some close shaves over the past few rounds, escaping defeat via her superior final rushes. However, she might need more than just that this round as she’s against a Saki character, a series that is definitely far stronger in support than the likes of Ro-Kyu-Bu and Haganai. Statistics are also against her – she has the lowest average vote and vote % out of all the quarter-finalists. The timing of this fixture also works against Shana’s favor – some voters may have already given up hope on her following Louise’s crushing defeat, plus the Saki faction knows that a victory here will surely give them a clean sweep, something extra to be motivated about. With the odds against her, can Shana summon whatever that’s left in her reserves to clutch it up yet again and send the least strongest Saki girl left out of the tourney?

tl;dr Pick: Hisa // Prediction: Hisa


3 thoughts on “Elder’s Sacrifice

  1. Progeusz October 28, 2012 / 2:17 pm


  2. J October 28, 2012 / 4:23 pm

    Goodnight Yuu ;_;

  3. MadPanda October 29, 2012 / 3:45 am

    So now we come to Shana’s swan song. Sad that I used to root against her before Sakimoe (and before her last series). No blaze of glory for her this time.

    MadPanda…(in lockdown mode, hiding from Hurricane Sandy)…

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