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Farewell, troll princess

1位 403票 園城寺怜@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
2位 252票 ルイズ・フランソワーズ・ル・ブラン・ド・ラ・ヴァリエール@ゼロの使い魔F

This result is confirmed.


Louise, being Louise, swarmed the vote pool with fakes in an attempt to cloud judgement, but her last shot at glory came to a dismal end as she was crushed by an ace from the Saki faction yet again. This defeat means that Louise has never and will never go beyond the Final 8, but she can still be pleased with her record of 3 QF appearances. For Toki, her victory meant she has somewhat avenged Ogura Yui’s other characters who were beaten by Louise in the earlier rounds (Alice in R1 and Hinata in the Block Finals). And her superb run continues, with another 60+% victory margin secured. Will anyone be able stop her at this rate? Maybe one of these two can…

Haramura Nodoka
Rank: 4
Average vote: 289
Average vote %: 55.54
Highlight of the tournament: Beating Ako in the Block Finals

Miyanaga Saki

Rank: 6
Average vote: 292
Average vote %: 49.36
Highlight of the tournament: Beating Koromo in the Block Finals

Saki’s main yuri couple faces off against each other – a dream draw for the shippers out there. Being Saki’s traditional ace, Nodoka’s the favorite to advance here – but she can’t be complacent. After all, Saki’s already shocked most people by beating Koromo in the previous round, and the Tanoshii devil surprisingly has a higher average vote than Nodocchi – meaning that she’s able to attract voters too. As an added plus, it’s actually her birthday today! However, Nodocchi’s on the brink on making history yet again – managing 3 semi-final appearances from 3 attempts! That’s a record that could very well stay for a long time if Nodocchi goes through here. Surely, Saki will overlook her birthday present for her benefit of her best pal, eh?

tl;dr Pick: Nodoka // Prediction: Nodoka


17 thoughts on “Back To Zero

      1. It certainly did provide a thrill, eh. I was laughing at the fakery that was going on in the voting thread. Now that she’s finally retired, we’ll probably won’t get to see another troll on the scale of Louise for a while…

  1. Forget the prediction for next match. For next match, I think Nodoka will win.

    In the meantime,I’m celebrating Toki win, playing this music while typing.

  2. With Toki’s win, Saki still has all 6 reps intact. One non-Saki goes down. One of the finalists will be from Saki.

  3. Damn, didn’t see the choice for yurifest before I voted T.T

    Also you had me choking on my breakfast for a sec there when you said it was her birthday cause it’s also my birthday….until I realized that in Japan the match starts on the 27th.

  4. I suspected that those seiyuu fanboys were faking most of those, just as they did with last year’s Houki vs. Aria (needless to say, Aria got her sorry ass beat). I wonder why I even bother looking at the thread…. probably so I can tell that some significant number of votes (real or otherwise) are being made towards the character I’m in favor of. Of course, I could probably tell that some of the votes were suspicious (several of them using the same phrase within a short amount of time, namely “がんばれー” (ganbare)), but I really don’t wanna confuse suspicion with hopefulness. Conversely, if I do count the fake votes, and the character I want to win STILL manages to come out on top, that probably says all the more about how powerful that character is (and after keeping track, I’d say Toki had Louise beat regardless of Louise’s fakes).

    But when all’s said and done, all that really matters to me is: Louise is out of here. ^^ So long sweet void mage, now stay the fuck out of this tournament. God willing JC Staff never releases an OVA or some shit down the line (though if it does, part of me wonders “will these damn tsundere ever just become old hats the way Higurashi and K-ON! did?”, only to be sadly reminded of the kind of persistent fanbase we’re dealing with…. oh dear god, please no OVA release -_-).

  5. Even zerotrollism can’t stop time! Done.

    Honestly, I don’t want a winner in this match–can’t they just end in a tie, and then take it to the nearest yurific for the birthday celebration? Saki will be nice and let Nodocchi get this one.

    MadPanda…(still listening to Monster’s “Toki Theme” post. -nice!-)…

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