Usagi Drop

Truly a demon

1位 226 票 宮永咲@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
2位 214 票 天江衣@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A

This result is confirmed.


So the new moon played a part after all, eh? I kid, but certainly this is a surprising result as many had tipped Koromo to emerge as the Block A winner since the beginning of the tournament. Well, how to interpret this result… the voters either wanted a fresh face in the Final 8, or there’s already signs of infighting in the Saki camp as they begin to vote against the stronger characters of their own series whom they deem are a threat to their personal favorites. In any case, we’ll probably find out more when Ako faces off against Nodoka.

So Saki’s best run ever in this tourney continues, while Koromo’s defeat means that Louise now has the chance to become the first contestant to reach the QF for the third time. Losing an opportunity to create history and losing her record of not losing against her fellow Saki comrades in a single day… poor lil’ Koromo.

Moving on…

The one we’ve all being waiting for since Day 1. Saki’s new top ace will do battle with probably the strongest non-Saki contestant left. It’s Toki vs Akarin, a match that could pretty much determine the shape of tourney in its final rounds. Both contestants have been crushing their opponents with ease, so this is probably the first real test for them. Akarin’s highest vote tally so far was set in the previous round (385), slightly lower than that of Toki’s (417). There isn’t really much to separate them individually, but we all know that Toki’s being backed by a very strong faction capable of hitting the 600-vote mark. However, Akarin will probably have everyone else backing her very existence today, so this could go either way. In any case, she has to put up a good fight here – if Toki manages to win by a convincing margin today, it could very well be the end of the race for the remaining non-Saki girls.

tl;dr Pick: Akarin // Prediction: Toki


One thought on “Usagi Drop

  1. Progeusz October 16, 2012 / 2:47 pm

    Ahahaha, I knew you could do it, my beloved tanoshii devil ❤

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