Saimoe 12 Block Finals

On to the last 16 we go!

But before that, just a quick recap on the previous round. Saki’s dominance in the tournament showed no sign of dissipating, as they sent all but one of their remaining cast through to the Block Finals – more than half of the sixteen contestants left. There were hardly any surprises too – Nagi’s defeat to Louise being the only match that fits that category.

So is there any reprieve for the remaining non-Saki girls? For starters, they’re guaranteed at least two spots in the Top 8, while Saki are guaranteed three. 3 more spots up for grabs – the outcome of the Block B and C finals being a major determining factor for those spots.

Anyway, here’s the Round 3 statistics, along with the character rankings of the remaining 16 contestants based on their performance in the past 3 rounds.

Now moving on…

The first of three all-Saki battles sees the main girl of the series up against Koromo. It’s a rematch of sorts, though it’s not on the mahjong table this time round. For Saki, this is her best performance since her debut in 2009, when she missed out on a Block Finals clash with Nodoka after being dumped out by Nagi. She’ll have to beat Koromo here in order to boost her chances of meeting up with Nodocchi, but it will be a tough ask. Koromo has never bowed out to a fellow Saki character before, and she’s higher in the pecking order amongst Saki characters when it comes to Saimoe. There might not be a full moon today (in fact, it’s a new moon day!), but Koromo won’t be deterred in her bid to make it 3 QF appearances out of 3 attempts, a feat no one has achieved before.

tl;dr Pick: Koromo // Prediction: Koromo


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