saimoe fantasy iii

Saimoe Fantasy 2012: Phase III

saimoe fantasy

The final stage is upon us

As mentioned before, Phase III of the fantasy game will be covering the Block Finals all the way to the Finals. The format for this phase will be similar to last year’s system – you’ll be picking the winner of each match, and predict the % of votes they will receive, to one decimal point. This vote % would range from 50.0%~100.0%, though you can browse previous years’ results for a more realistic range.

The scoring system will be as follows:

Correct winner – 5 points

You have to guess the correct winner to qualify for subsequent points –

Predicted vote % fall within 1% of actual vote % – 5 points
Predicted vote % falls within 0.1% of actual vote % – 10 points instead of 5 points

Thus, a max of 15 pts w/o bonus items.

Examples and rounding off rules here.

Bonus items:

Riichi – There will be no limit on the riichi sticks for this round. You will receive the bonus 10 points as long as your prediction is right and your predicted vote % falls within 1% of the actual vote (which means you’ll get either 20 or 25 points). -5 points if either is wrong.

Haitei Raoyue – The obligatory new move for this phase. This is somewhat similar to Toki Shift, but you will be allowed to modify the predicted vote % of your entry at no cost, up to when voting closes (11PM GMT+9). You can only use this move once.

\アッカリ~ン/ – \アッカリ~ン/ will now hide numbers instead of contestants, so you can leave your predicted vote % blank. You will be given two \アッカリ~ン/ for the whole of Phase III. Once declared, you can’t Toki Shift or use Haitei Raoyue.

Toki Shift – Same concept applies as per the previous round, -5 points for shifting. You can modify your entries up to 18 hours after kick-off. You will be give two Toki Shifts for the whole of Phase III. Cannot be used with \アッカリ~ン/. Haitei Raoyue can be used even after a Toki Shift.

No buying/selling of items is allowed for Phase III.

There will be bonus questions as usual – 5 points for each correct answer.

You can submit your entries for the Block Finals here.
Deadline for submission: 16 Oct 1 AM GMT+9
Current time in Japan

You can view your entries here.


Submission for Phase III QF, SF, Final is now open. Deadline: 26 Oct 1 AM GMT+9

You can choose to declare riichi for the final bonus question – +5 points if successful, -5 points if not. Once deadline for submission is reached, you will not be allowed to modify your bonus qn answer.

As for the SF and Final, just type in tentative entries, and modify them at a later date if needed.

You can view your entries here.

Good luck!


60 thoughts on “Saimoe Fantasy 2012: Phase III

  1. Martinawa:

    17/10 – \アッカリ~ン/ can only be used for vote %, not characters
    21/10 – Ryuuka is already out two rounds ago /heh

  2. Akkarin won’t be denied, I have to believe.

    By the way, when you say it’s going to be like last year, you don’t mean we’re locked to the characters we choose in this round for the rest of the tournament right?

  3. To be fair to those who have been reliant on the usual vote tracker…

    1st 157 votes Saki
    2nd 71 votes Koromo

    as of 4pm GMT+9.

    1st 165 votes Saki
    2nd 86 votes Koromo

    as of 6pm GMT+9.

    1. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like you change who wins and your predicted vote percentage, but can’t declare riichi and in return there is no point penalty?

      Or can you not change who wins and only the vote percentage?

      If I can declare riichi, then I want one for this match.

      1. If you use Haitei, you can only change the vote %. (You can’t change who wins and you cannot throw in or retract a riichi stick)

        So yeah, your previous request can’t be granted.

  4. I’d like to change my entries as follows:

    10/20 – Yuu Matsumi, \アッカリ~ン/, Riichi
    10/21 – Kuro Matsumi, \アッカリ~ン/, Riichi

  5. I’ll be away for the rest of the tourney. These are my picks for the semis and final dependent on the winners from the previous rounds. No riichi for any match.

    Toki/Saki – Toki, 57.8%
    Toki/Nodoka – Toki, 53.5%
    Louise/Saki – Saki, 59.7%
    Louise/Nodoka – Nodoka, 59.7%

    Yuu/Shana – Yuu, 60.0%
    Yuu/Hisa – Yuu, 58.5%
    Kuro/Shana – Kuro, 58.0%
    Kuro/Hisa – Kuro, 57.3%

    Toki/Yuu – Toki, 54.1%
    Toki/Kuro – Toki, 55.1%
    Toki/Shana – Toki, 58.0%
    Toki/Hisa – Toki, 58.5%
    Saki/Yuu – Saki, 51.5%
    Saki/Kuro – Saki, 51.5%
    Saki/Shana – Saki, 55.5%
    Saki/Hisa – Saki, 53.3%
    Nodoka/Yuu – Nodoka, 53.5%
    Nodoka/Kuro – Kuro, 52.1%
    Nodoka/Shana – Nodoka, 55.0%
    Nodoka/Hisa – Nodoka, 58.5%
    Louise/Yuu – Yuu, 57.0%
    Louise/Kuro – Kuro, 57.0%
    Louise/Shana – Shana, 100.0%
    Louise/Hisa – Louise, 100.0%

    Take care everyone!

  6. Is my score for October 28 correct? My entry was Matsumi Kuro with 51.3% but I only got 5 points instead of 10.

  7. 10/31: Increase to 51.7%

    Also reminder to Anisu, Martinawa, timbits to modify your entries for 11/01. (Or I’ll assume your choices will be Kuro)

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