Comet Blaze

Warming up…

1位 350票 松実宥@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
2位 197票 シャルロット・デュノア@IS -インフィニット・ストラトス- アンコール 恋に焦がれる六重奏

1位 299票 花田煌@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
2位 271票 船見結衣@ゆるゆり

This result is confirmed.


As expected, Yuu once again turned up the heat, thrashing Char this time around. However, the main talking point for today will be Yui’s narrow defeat to Subara, with the latter only sealing the win after the usual strong final rush from the Saki faction. While Subara is not one of the strongest Saki girl around, this result could still be a good indication of the anti-Saki resentment that’s been growing by the day. It’s definitely an encouraging sign for Akarin as she prepares to battle Toki for a spot in the QF.

Moving on, two rather intriguing clashes after the drudgery of the previous matchdays. First up, Nodoka vs Hitagi in the first of the Saki vs Nisemonogatari Block G clash. Nodocchi’s traditionally been Saki’s top ace, though she’s probably been dethroned of that title by the likes of Toki and Kuro. Still, she’s a force to be reckoned with and after easy outings in the previous rounds, she now has to step up her game against Hitagi who’ll be looking forward to returning to the block finals after a year out. An interesting factor would be how Ako fans vote today – will they side with Nodoka, still unsure of the pecking order of the Saki characters or will they turn against her to play it safe?

The other clash sees Mio up against Sena. Sena should be the favorite here, but factor in tactical voting by Shana fans and we now have a good match to spectate. Sena was threatened by Elsie in the previous round – will she be able to fend off her enemies this time round?

tl;dr Prediction: Nodoka, Sena


2 thoughts on “Comet Blaze

  1. Progeusz October 12, 2012 / 4:27 pm

    Saying that eliminating character from the same faction is playing it safe really shows how scary Saki is.

  2. Yamato-san October 12, 2012 / 6:09 pm

    Damn, all four girls in this round are someone I’d totally bang. Sorta makes it hard to root against any of them, but nonetheless, I gotta designate Hitagi and Mio as my enemies here. I’m hoping Nodoka still manages to show some potential as a finalist this year (or even finally win it all, though that will depend on whether the Saki faction’s dominated by a love for the old or the new)… and she’s doing pretty damn good so far despite being somewhat dated AND having taken a year off. The block final should be where shit really gets interesting, so she can’t fall against the featherweight crab girl here (huh… funny how much that sounds like an insult despite applying to Hitagi in a remarkably literal manner… but seriously, no offense meant towards her).

    As for Sena vs. Mio, my alignment’s probably not so much for how awesome of a character Sena is (though she is awesome) as it is how weak Mio seems about now. K-ON!’s barely hanging on by a thread, and you can bet your ass that she wouldn’t stand a chance against Shana. Had this been a couple years ago, things would be different, but not now. Besides, it should just be enough that Mio finally managed to reach further than every other character in her series. Despite being one of the most popular K-ON! girls (before Azusa came, or perhaps even until the beginning of season 2, she seemed to be indisputably at the top), she was surprisingly knocked out in the first round back in 2009. She fared a little better the following year, where much like this year, she reached round 3 (but fell to the eventual champion… or rather, sacrificed herself for a split against Biribiri, which was still a rather close call). The less said about K-ON! in 2011, the better. The movie revived the faction to fare a bit better this year, but I still think it’s safe to say that K-ON!’s pretty much dead at this point, so this was already more than she could ever ask for (and she beat a former champion to boot). Now, I think it’d best to step aside and let some fresh Meat attempt to handle the Flame Haze.

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