Phoenix Right

No panic at the disco.

1位 199票 阿良々木月火@偽物語
2位 138票 山田葵@WORKING’!!
3位 98票 音無小鳥@THE IDOLM@STER
4位 54票 散華礼弥@さんかれあ

1位 211票 秋山澪@映画 けいおん!
2位 158票 小鳥遊なずな@WORKING’!!
3位 106票 古手梨花@ひぐらしのなく頃に煌

This result is confirmed.


The Nisemonogatari series followed up Hitagi’s impressive performance yesterday with yet another victory as Tsukihi knocks out 2010’s quarter-finalist Yamada to proceed to the next round. While the girls of Nisemonogatari are on form, the girls from Working!! are certainly not as Yamada’s exit, coupled with Nazuna’s failure to oust Mio, mean that they are out of the tourney. I must say it has been a disappointing performance from them in this round – the likes of Poplar and Yamada did decently in the prelims to suggest that they’re still competitive after a year out of the Saimoe scene, but it turned out to be a facade.

So we’re finally at the last match of the round, and boy, what a way to round it off. Ako vs Ika Musume (vs Tomonori), one of the R2 clashes that many have been looking forward to. Ika Musume fans might be pessimistic after witnessing Saki’s sizzling form as of late, but they can still expect her to be competitive. That said, Ako’s gonna be a tough nut to crack, having put in strong performances since the prelims began. And if the prelims were to be any indication in this match, then Ika’s going to step up her invasion attempts as she was nowhere close to Yuu back then. Strategically, Block G has now become a Saki vs Nisemonogatari battle-ground, so Ika might receive some help from voters of the latter series.

The other less significant match sees Sena up against Elsie and Marika. Marika has done well for a series that’s not really well-supported, but like Madoka of Lagrange, her run will probably end here. Elsie is a strange one – voters seems to have a soft spot for her… defeating Saki’s Kana in R1 and making it to the Block Finals back in 2011. However, I think beating Sena will be too much of an ask for the demon this time round. But with Shana determined to seal a QF place, you never know…

tl;dr Prediction: Ako, Sena


One thought on “Phoenix Right

  1. MadPanda October 5, 2012 / 3:54 am

    I’m cool with these outcomes. Never was a big fan of the ceiling cat, but would’ve picked her in that group. Much happier that Mio won, even if it only means she gets one more day on the stage. And while I doubt anyone would’ve picked Kotori to win, it’s yet another loss for Im@s…not happy about that.

    Going with the Meat/Seafood combo platter (sorry Marika, Elsie!).

    MadPanda…(Don’t know which is harder on me right now: college or Sakimoe!)…

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