Burst Into Flames


1位 279票 戦場ヶ原ひたぎ@偽物語
2位 181票 神崎・H・アリア@緋弾のアリア
3位 114票 小鳥遊ひな@パパのいうことを聞きなさい!

1位 288票 シャナ@灼眼のシャナIII -Final-
2位 224票 黒雪姫(ブラック・ロータス)@アクセル・ワールド
3位 81票 東雲なの@日常


The Nisemonogatari series ended their woeful run as their ace, Hitagi, rallied to a convincing win over Aria. Seems like the Shana voters didn’t give a damn about Aria, with more Hitagi-Shana combo votes (151) recorded as opposed to Aria-Shana ones (98). Hitagi has managed to proceed to Round 3 once again, and she now faces a stern test in the form of Nodocchi. Having lost to Mafuyu back in 2010, will Hitagi be able to take it another step further two years on?

Meanwhile, Kuroyukihime fans hoping for a burst of votes were left despairing as Shana, as expected, blazed through, setting up a clash against Airi. Her fans must be feeling confident, but her real test will come when the Block Finals arrive.

So moving on, we have Kotori vs Yamada vs Rea vs Tsukihi. Should be interesting stuff- Rea and Tsukihi have already shown that they can match each other, but will they be able to handle Yamada? Strategically, it would be worthwhile for Ako or Ika supporters to eliminate the ceiling cat over here, but it may be difficult for them to pinpoint a target to vote for.

In the other match-up, Nazuna will receive combo votes with Yamada, but I bet she won’t be able to cause an upset here. Between the other two contestants, Mio has been putting in convincing performances, while Rika has struggled, only barely making it to Round Two. I think Mio would be able to continue enjoying life away from the limelight and stand as K-ON! sole representative for the next round (who would have thought that day would finally come /heh).

tl;dr Prediction: Yamada, Mio


7 thoughts on “Burst Into Flames

  1. Yeahdude October 3, 2012 / 2:09 pm


  2. Yamato-san October 3, 2012 / 4:41 pm

    “Seems like the Shana voters didn’t give a damn about Aria”

    Yeah, Hidan no Aria tends to confuse me. Various sources (namely Sankaku Complex) seem to suggest that nobody liked the series, and yet at times, Aria still seems to be supported about as much as any other Kugimiya tsundere (hell, last year, she was no more than 10 votes away from winning against one of the Puella Magis as a prelim winner). Other times, it seems like (ironically enough for a “tsundere queen” show) the most popular character in the series is the busty yandere, and yet she couldn’t even pull through one round this year.

    At any rate, I’m happy… I mean, Nodoka missed out on knocking off another character to up her rep as the Kugimiya Killer (all the more of a shame since she couldn’t have her revenge against Taiga), but I’m just relieved to see Aria out sooner rather than later (getting past one round was already too much… poor Ange). I don’t know if the series really is as widely hated as I hear, but if so, I’d certainly think it’s warranted. Kugimiya typecasting annoys me as is, but this had to be the most blatant sell-out on that hype to date. I mean, Taiga and Nagi could likely stand out regardless of who their voice actor was, but Aria was essentially some light novelist’s idea of going “Hey everybody, Shana’s back…. with guns (and minus the awesome flaming hair)!” while somehow probably managing to trump even Louise in just plain being a bitch. I also gotta gripe on the choice of name…. couldn’t have gone with something a bit less common there? Now I have to associate crap with a rather decent series about gondoliers, as well as a slew of far better characters (like that busty, anal-obsessed ojou-sama from Seitokai Yakuindomo).

    • Don Don Kun October 3, 2012 / 8:15 pm

      “Now I have to associate crap with a rather decent series about gondoliers”

      It’s annoying that every time I give the Aria series some praise, people tend to assume I’m talking about Hidan no Aria. Anyway, while I actually quite like Kugyuu’s voice these days (Iori has corrupted me), I fully agree that her being typecast gets really annoying quite quickly. Aria (the character) is basically the illegitimate love child of Shana and Louise, in that she’s completely recycled from the most obvious characteristics from the tsundere archetype. While it’s easy to go on about how flawed a show HnA was, none of that really has any bearing in Saimoe (which is ultimately a popularity contest between different factions). I guess in this case Kugyuu Rie plus the tsundere archetype is enough to elevate a recycled character’s popularity. Personally, there are a lot of other characters who I feel are more deserving than Aria/Shana/Louise (such as those who actually received realistic character development in their respective series). But the fact of the matter is, people will still support characters based on superficial qualities such as their image and seiyuu. As such, the main reason I’m still following Saimoe is for all the faction wars, predictions and upsets since otherwise I could care less about a 2ch popularity contest.

      tl;dr I’m glad Aria is out.

      • Yamato-san October 4, 2012 / 1:57 am

        Don’t get me wrong, I actually do think she’s a decent actor myself… it’s just the type-casting that bugs me (though sadly, even her better roles are starting to be tainted for me because I can’t get the likes of Louise out of my head whenever I listen to her). What really bothers me is that her typecasts managed to get such a ridiculously huge fanbase to begin with… you’d think Japan was about as breast-obsessed as the rest of the developed world, yet Akihabara’s apparently proving to be overrun by masochists who slobber over DFC. Though, it wouldn’t be near so bad if the characters in question were at least endearing, but like you said, their development is just bullshit.

        Replace “Dan Green” with “Rie Kugimiya”, and that’d describe them perfectly.

        They could practically get away with murder, and no one’s ever gonna call them out on it on the simple basis of “I’m cute, I love melonpan/momoman/whatthefuckever, I shout ‘urusai!’ like the spoiled brat that I still resemble at my age, you’d think I’m just sore at all the girls due to my height and bust complex when the simple fact is that I’ve easily got the worst personality in the entire harem, and the protagonist is STILL going to hook up with me regardless”. That’s another thing: the romance subplots are god-awful. Those “dere” moments are so gag-inducingly forced (even by tsundere standards), especially when she barely knows the guy and treats him as a sub-human the majority of the time. And then HE’s the one falling for HER at several intervals… um… just because. A harem’s brought in, but it seems to serve little purpose beyond making the viewer think “What the hell is this guy thinking?” while they cram more protagonist/Rie down our throats. Though, all of this could probably fly if they were doing a parody, but they’re not. They sincerely seem to be trying to tell a love story here (ironically, Hayate no Gotoku IS a straight-up comedy, yet Nagi’s probably the most decent girl amongst all of them…. and even if she did treat her titular butler like shit, it’d at least be justified due to him being indebted to her).

        I never read any of the original light novels either, but from what I keep hearing, J.C. Staff is the one making the situation all the worse by catering to this tripe in lieu of adapting actual storyline (Louise’s contract actually working as a form of brain control… yeah, that’s a point that might’ve been worth keeping in there). J.C. Staff selling out like that seems like the biggest tragedy of all. Maybe they had a far better character in the novels, and maybe that’s the character that several people fell in love with. I could respect that, at least (hell, even I can admit that Shana’s pretty awesome for her action sequences). For the most part, however, I go on 2ch, I see people voting for her characters, and they all mindlessly chant “Kugyuu!”, “Kugyuu~!!”, “Kugyuu~~~!!” Seiyuu fanboys, every last one of them (or rather, seiyuu-pigeonholing fanboys… they don’t give a crap about her other roles). There’re people who say that K-ON! ruined moe… I call bullshit. This is what ruined moe. The only consolation I can get now is knowing that Shana and Zero have finally ended. As for (Hidan no) Aria…. I really hope the claims that it did so poorly that they’re not doing a second season are true.

      • Yamato-san October 4, 2012 / 2:00 am

        fucking auto-embedding. I had a time-stamp for that video. -_-

    • sika October 3, 2012 / 9:25 pm

      You guys sound slightly angry.

      Hidan no Aria just came and went. It’s a series so bad it rolls over back to entertaining. And for people confusing it with Aria, you must be hanging with the wrong crowd.

      • Kaosu October 4, 2012 / 3:27 am

        The light novels were good imo.

        Although at this point, I just kinda automatically ignore the parts I hate and look for parts I like. Sadly enough, I still end up dropping ~85% of series because they are just that full of shit and cliches. Or they are like the HnA anime which failed to adapt anything good from the original source material.

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