Fade to Black

Dragon Lord 1-0 Cthulhu

1位 312票 シャルロット・デュノア@IS -インフィニット・ストラトス- アンコール 恋に焦がれる六重奏
2位 259票 遠坂凛@Carnival Phantasm/Fate/Zero
3位 179票 我那覇響@THE IDOLM@STER

1位 454票 松実玄@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
2位 322票 ニャル子@這いよれ!ニャル子さん
3位 50票 清水谷竜華@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A

This result is confirmed.


What seemed to be a close match turned out to be a spanking as Kuro recorded a magnificent victory over Nyaruko beating her by more than 100 votes. Honestly speaking, I’m surprised at the outcome, but with this, the Saki faction has sent a strong message out to its rivals that they’re more than capable of taking on anyone on their day. Will anyone be able to stop the Saki train at this rate?

Elsewhere, Char makes it two Round 3 appearances out of two with a comprehensive win over Rin. Hibiki finished 3rd as the idols’ bad run of form continues – that makes it 4 losses in 5 days for them.

Next up, the second day of the storm. The elder Matsumi sister, Yuu, will face 2009 finalists Taiga and Yui. After her 2009 exploits, Yui hasn’t really reached the highs she set back then, while Taiga is at a disadvantage considering the fact that she has won it before. Still, I see Taiga as the greater threat to Yuu, but the latter should be able to win this one with ease – factoring in her splendid performance in R1 and Saki’s magnificent form as of late.

However, the match to savor will be that of Chitanda vs Ririchiyo. On paper, Chitanda is the slight favorite to go through – Top 3 performer in Round 1, Kyoani’s charm in Saimoe, and she belongs to a series that only just recently ended. However, Ririchiyo has the capability to overthrow Chitanda, being a prelim winner herself. Furthermore, she might also have a powerful ally in the form of the Saki faction – Chitanda is definitely a larger threat to Kuro, so she could well be the target of tactical voting. Will Chitanda be able to prove her worth here? My personal response is yes – she managed a relatively large number of votes in Round 1 even though it wasn’t really needed, and after Kuro’s victory over Nyaruko, I bet the Saki faction are in a confident mood and they’re probably not afraid to take on Chitanda head-on in Round 3.

tl;dr Prediction: Yuu, Chitanda

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