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Saimoe Fantasy 2012: Phase II

saimoe fantasy

Time for Phase II!

Phase II of the fantasy game will be covering both Rounds 2 and 3.

It’s simple. Similar to proceedings in Round 1, pick the winners of each match-day. Order them according to their winning margins in descending order.

Correct winner – 5 points per character
Correct order – 5 points

So the maximum points w/o bonus items will be 15 points.

However, the main changes in this round lies with the bonus items:
(For those who are new to the fantasy game and not familiar with the bonus items, click here for details.)

The changes are:

There will no longer be unlimited riichi sticks. You will only be given 8 riichi sticks for the whole of Phase II.

You will be given 3 \アッカリ~ン/ for the whole of Phase II, but you are not allowed to use more than one \アッカリ~ン/ in a single match-day.

Toki Shift
Toki Shift is still around to claim more victims aid you when needed. You will be given 3 Toki Shifts for the whole of Phase II, but the penalty for using it has been reduced from 10 to 5 points.

Once again, Toki Shift cannot be used with \アッカリ~ン/ and vice-versa.

And finally, the new addition to this round that will shake things up. Are you curious enough to know what’s the rationale behind your rival’s choices? Well, why don’t you just mimic their choices to find out? Yes, by using this power-up, you can copy someone’s line-up completely- right up to the bonus items they use! Whatever changes they make, you will automatically follow suit.

Here’s the catch: When the opponent you mimic uses a bonus item, you’ll use it too, but it won’t cost you any of your own bonus items, EXCEPT KININARIMASU itself! However, beware – your rival might drag you along to oblivion if he/she screws up. You can only use this bonus ONCE.

EDIT: An example of how it works here.


Also, in general, you can also BUY these bonus items from other players who do not wish to use them. The seller will receive 5 points from the buyer for each bonus item sold. Anyone found to be exploiting this rule by creating multiple accounts will be expelled from the game.

Toki Shift and KININARIMASU cannot be used on the final day of Round 3. (14 Oct)

Current time in Japan (GMT+9)
Submit your entries for the the second round of Block A-D here. Deadline: 19 Sept 1.00 AM GMT+9
You can view your entries (R2 A-D) here.

Stats might be useful:
Round 1 Stats [All contestants]
Round 1 Stats [Winners only]

Post your changes and intention to use the bonuses by commenting here. You are allowed to insert \アッカリ~ン/ into your entries w/o informing me.

There will be two bonus questions for each round, both worth 5 points each.

You can view your entries (R2 E-H) here.


Submission for Phase II R3 is now open. Deadline: 07 Oct 1.00AM GMT+9.

You can view your entries here.


172 thoughts on “Saimoe Fantasy 2012: Phase II

  1. Bringing this over from the fantasy page comments:

    Items on sale:

    Anisu – 3 Toki Shifts
    ppaaccoojrf – 3 Toki Shifts
    Punyuru – 3 Toki Shifts, 3 \アッカリ~ン/, 1 KININARIMASU, 8 riichi sticks
    Bot-chan – 3 Toki Shifts, 2 \アッカリ~ン/, 1 KININARIMASU, 8 riichi sticks

    1. 9/23 – Shizuno, Chihaya (riichi)
      9/24 – HIsa, Hinata (no riichi)
      9/25 – Lotte, \アッカリ~ン/ (riichi)
      9/26 – Louise, Yayoi (no riichi)

      Selling all 3 Toki Shifts and KININARIMASU

  2. Since I missed the deadline, Toki shift for today, Saki – Iori, no riichi

    Also, I will be selling the remaining two tokis, the KININARIMASU, and all eight richi sticks. I’ll retain the Akarins.

    1. Edit: Definitely selling the Tokis (no plans to use them) the KININARIMASU is sold technically (seemed complicated to use lol) but I may be using some of the richis, so if anyone wants one, lemme know and I’ll evaluate it.

  3. Since it’s close to the deadline and the expected posts haven’t been made yet, just clarifying – if my potential KININARIMASU targets don’t riichi, leaving the max score at 15, I’ll cancel and default to the Toki>Kobato/no riichi in my original submission.

    Also, I’m buying any available KININARIMASUs.

    1. Nice one, looks like Toki shift might actually be worth it this round. I’m taking 2 Toki shifts off of sale, 1 still up for sale.

  4. Updated market:

    Bot-chan: 8 Riichi sticks, 3 Toki Shifts (1 KININARIMASU on hold)
    Kaosu: 1 Toki Shift (1 KININARIMASU on hold)
    Punyuru: 3 Toki shifts, 8 riichi sticks (1 KININARIMASU on hold)
    ppaaccoojrf: 3 Toki Shifts, 5 riichi sticks
    porshe/timbits/Martinawa/Anisu: 3 Toki Shifts
    Micchi: 3 Toki shifts, 7 riichi sticks

  5. I’ll add a riichi on the 26th (Louise > Yayoi).

    And yes, I’ll buy those KININARIMASU. I suppose I should set a limit – 6 total (the three listed and an open order for three more).

    In reply to whether Toki shifts are worth it this round, I think you could model tokis, akarins, and riichis as 7.5 points each if we had infinite matches. But we don’t, and you need specific conditions to get the most out of tokis, so I’m selling to guarantee some points, not because of how they went last round. tl;dr: buy them and give me points.

  6. Declare Riichi for the following matches:
    9/24 Hisa > Kurisu
    9/25 Nagi > Lotte
    9/26 Louise > Yayoi

    And I think Anisu already bought my KININARIMASU, so I should get 5 more points. Am I right?

  7. Well, it’s time to be saved by Toki Shift again. (Anisu, why you changed your Akarin?).

    I’ll change my Kininarimasu today by the following:

    Shizuno > Hajime

    Add riichi please (At least I will have Kininarimasu to use it at the next opportunity)

    1. After seeing the other matches I underestimated Hajime. Koromo only hit 307 in a contested match, Miki got as many as Haji did last round (264-266), Chihaya got 349, and Haji got less than Teru on the same day in round 1. Haji should’ve been weaker than Koromo, and Shizu’s match didn’t seem close enough to make them really mobilize. This is the same group where Kyaputen got wiped out, so there’s danger of tactical voting against Saki. Haji’s not strategically important to Saki since Nagi will beat her anyway. Almost everybody here was betting on Chihaya too, so even if it backfired everyone else would have to pay, so the risk was lower.

      I feel like a dumbass for changing it now, but I’m going to stick with Chihaya and hope she makes it after the fake votes get taken out. There’s some tough calls in the future so I want to save up items now. Damn it.

      1. Also, while it’s still up in the air, if I do win this round I’ll pretend it was my psychological warfare keikaku doori master plan all along to trick everybody into making mistakes. Like when half a dozen unrelated dudes call in to take credit after every terrorist bombing. If I get zero points you can post your I told you so’s in the morning.

  8. Taking back one Toki Shift that I’ve put on sale, and use it for today’s match.

    Shizuno > Hajime.

    Then declare Riichi for today’s match.

    Two Toki Shifts remain on sale though.

  9. Is adding a riichi this far into the match consume a Toki? If it does, don’t bother, if it doesn’t, I’d like to add it to my order for 9/24, no changes.

  10. Well it would be 11 AM EST but 12 PM EDT since we are currently in daylight savings time.

    I set my computers to show EST/EDT, JST, and UTC 🙂

  11. I’m KININARIMASU on 9/28 about Team Rocket Elite, and on 10/3 about ppaaccoojrf. (Accidentally replied to myself halfway up the page, reposting so it’ll get noticed more than \アッカリ~ン/)

  12. I’m going to add an \アッカリ~ン/ to the 30th in place of Kuro, making it Hibiki>\アッカリ~ン/ with a riichi. It’s not like I doubt Kuro or anything, I just happen to have a lot of \アッカリ~ン/’s and you never know when there’ll be an assassination attempt.

    I’m canceling the riichi on the 4th, still Yamada>Mio but without items.

  13. I can’t believe I forgot to enter. Taking one toki shift off of sale to save today’s entry!

    Sanya V. Litvyak
    Kirame Hanada


  14. Well, this sucks. Toki shift, Charlotte > Kuro, no riichi, I’ll save that riichi and akarin for another match. Also, I’m suspending that open order for KININARIUMASUs.

  15. From my above post (change for 10/01 hasn’t been recorded yet), ignore the change I made for 10/02, I’ll stay with Popura, Nodoka (no riichi).

  16. Modification for 10/03 – Shana, Aria (no riichi)
    frustra’s following suit too.

    Also, for those who haven’t noticed, form for R3 submission is up.

  17. Well, it’s my time to play!!…

    I’ll change my entries for the last 3 days:

    10/03 : Shana > Aria (riichi)
    10/04 : I’ll use Kininarimasu on ppaaccoojrf (Akiyama Mio > \アッカリ~ン/ w/riichi)
    10/05 : Ako Atarashi > Sena Kashiwasaki (riichi)

    And, i want to buy 2 Kininarimasu and 2 Akkarin, if someone wants to sell them let me know.

  18. Buy 2 Riichi sticks from Martinawa.
    But 1 Riichi sticks from ppaaccoojrf.

    Change 10/5: ***Remove Riichi stick***
    1st: Atarashi Ako
    2nd: Kashiwazaki Sena

    That should be enough Riichi sticks for Round 3. =D

    1. Damn, forgot to submit and entry <_<

      Toki Shift – Mio, Yamada (riichi)

      Can I just copy whatever fru's entry is before the match starts unless I submit my own entry?

      1. Make that Tsukihi > Mio (with riichi)

        It’s hard to believe shes winning by that much, given the tie with Rea but the other 3 are flat.

      2. Mio, Tsukihi (riichi) <_<

        Somehow I have a feeling that this happened before, that Working started flopping when Poplar was knocked out.

  19. Watashi kininarimasu. 10/8, Team Rocket Elite. 10/9, Kyosuke Kasuga. If they change their entries, I’ll kininarimasu anyone doing Toki>\アッカリ~ン/+riichi and Nagi>\アッカリ~ン/+riichi.

  20. Using kininarimasu on 10/8 – Mayama, and 10/9 – Kyosuke Kasuga.
    Also, for 10/7: Miyanaga Saki, \akarin/ (riichi).

  21. @Micchi: All right.

    Items for sale (updated):

    Toki Shifts
    3 – Punyuru, Martinawa, ppaaccoojrf
    2 – Micchi, timbits, porsche
    1 – Bot-chan, Delta(?)

    Riichi sticks
    8 – Punyuru
    2 – Bot-chan, Martinawa, ppaaccoojrf

    And here’s stats from R2 (winners-only) in case anyone needs it.

    1. I probably will not use the toki, so that is for sale if someone wants it, as for riichis, I did not declare riichi on anything for R3, not sure if I will or not, so if someone wants one just lemme know (@tldranimu on twitter for instant replies)

  22. Selling my two remaining \アッカリ~ン/.

    Also buying one of Delta’s riichi sticks. (and reserving another if needed).

  23. 10/11 – Sanya, Kuro

    I swear <_< how come every time I toki shifted, I get trolled by fake votes or a difference of a few votes.

  24. Items for sale (updated):

    Toki Shifts
    3 – Punyuru, Martinawa, ppaaccoojrf
    2 – Micchi, timbits
    1 – Bot-chan, Delta, porsche

    Riichi sticks
    7 – Punyuru
    2 – Bot-chan, Delta
    1 – Martinawa

    2 – LuniazKun

  25. 10/13: Nodoka, Sena.
    No riichi.

    Items for sale (updated):

    Toki Shifts
    3 – Punyuru, Martinawa, ppaaccoojrf
    2 – Micchi, timbits
    1 – Bot-chan, Delta, porsche

    Riichi sticks
    7 – Punyuru
    2 – Bot-chan
    1 – Delta

    2 – LuniazKun

    1. BTW since I didn’t submit an entry for today, that means my entry is Nodoka > Sena (with no riichi though since I have no sticks left).

      My entry for tommorow though is Ako > Shana.

  26. Taking one more toki shift off the market for use.

    Sena>Nodoka riichi. Meaning I’ll be taking off the riichi tomorrow since I only have one left.

  27. Oh well, might as well use up one of my \アッカリ~ン/

    10/14: Ako > \アッカリ~ン/ No riichi.

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