Heavy Hitters

Clear-cut winners

1位 296票 原村和@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
2位 122票 北原美桜@あの夏で待ってる
3位 91票 双海亜美@THE IDOLM@STER

1位 239票 戦場ヶ原ひたぎ@偽物語
2位 131票 福与恒子@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
3位 120票 阿万音鈴羽@STEINS;GATE

1位 293票 新子憧@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
2位 124票 上月由仁子(ニコ/スカーレット・レイン)@アクセル・ワールド
3位 89票 竜宮レナ@ひぐらしのなく頃に煌

This result is confirmed.


We all saw this coming. Collision course still set for Nodoka and Ako. Hitagi against 2011 Suzuha might’ve been intriguing. And for those taking notes, that’s three straight losses for Idolmaster, two of which were against Saki mainstays. Niko getting more than Rena is also slightly surprising, but out with the old, and in with the new I guess.

Predictions: 3-0 (62-16)

Picks: 2-1 (Ami) (44-34)

On Deck:

G03: This is Nanasaki Ai’s best chance for to nab that first Saimoe win, being one of the more popular Amagami girls that couldn’t quite “get there” as she was paired against S;G’s Kurisu in the opening round last year. She has to be the favorite here in this bout of three Saimoe non-rookies. Actually of them are looking for that first win, especially Sawako, who will be trying to avoid that 0-4 hole. I’m seeing a Nanasaki-Saku-Sawako finish here despite those numbers.

G07: Another intriguing match. Idolmaster will have the opportunity to stem the bleeding with Kotori on deck, but she’ll have to do it against Strike Witch and a very capable Takanashi Nao. The numbers and faction strength do favor Kotori – Mio’s not really up high in the SW popularity hierarchy. So yeah, this will all come down to Nao and Kotori, with the latter barely getting it done. Too close to call in any case.

G11: This would’ve been a cakewalk for Ika Musume, but this supervening event called Ijime Connect happened. Now we get to see if that incident actually has Saimoe >implications. Add the fact that she’s up against Shana-killer Yuuko (read: not your ideal R1 opponent), and things could get ugly for Ika Musume. I still have her tabbed for the win, assuming that “that incident” will not really do much here.


2 thoughts on “Heavy Hitters

  1. Yamato-san September 11, 2012 / 3:55 pm

    “Kugimiya-killer” should be a tag. This article, especially, should be using it, considering two of them get mentioned here. XD

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