Genki Tripper


1位 258票 高槻やよい@THE IDOLM@STER
2位 142票 緑川なお(キュアマーチ)@スマイルプリキュア!
3位 95票 里中千枝@Persona4 the ANIMATION

1位 248票 遠坂凛@Carnival Phantasm/Fate/Zero
2位 181票 小鍛治健夜@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
3位 70票 ユリン・ルシェル@機動戦士ガンダムAGE

1位 230票 平沢唯@映画 けいおん!
2位 177票 森島・L・はるか@アマガミSS+ plus
3位 100票 西沢歩@ハヤテのごとく! HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH

This result is confirmed.


Nothing really close today. Yayoi came out marching early on, and pulled away from Nao fast to deal Precure its first defeat. Rin and Yui didn’t get away just as fast, but slowly but surely broke out as their matches progressed. And just like that, Block E is a wrap. Let’s go through the Round Two matches for Block E –

E2-1: Sakuno-Yumi-Hazuki

E2-2: Yayoi-Sanae-Sanya

E2-3: Hibiki-Rin-Char

E2-4: Yuu-Taiga-Yui

I’ll delve into this deeper in the Round Two previews, but it’s obvious that E2-4 should be something. The best of 2009 will duke it out against the best of 2012 (so far, numbers wise). Very interesting. And yeah, more intriguing matchups for the idols.

Prediction: 3-0 (48-12)

Picks: 1-2 (Yurin, Haruka) (31-29)

On Deck:


F for Fun. The general consensus in Saimoe circles is that this is “The Block.” I couldn’t agree more. It might not feature the top two favorites (Toki and Akarin), but this is one powerful group. And for those playing fantasy, this is where things get really tight.

F01 is one of the weaker matches, but it is no gimme – Erio’s early demise sure does give us a hint (as if we need more), that Denpa’s mojo is really low, so I’m not particularly liking Ryuushi’s chances here. Although Milky Holmes has also fallen considerably, Sherlock’s win does give hope that Elly can step up and take this one. I’ll reluctantly predict Elly to win this. Sorry, Horizon.

F05 is one of those matches where I really have to consider using “Akarin.” It would be wasted though since riichi is incredibly risky here. Urabe Mikoto was decent in the prelims, but in this match she’ll be the one who gets “bus’d.” So it all comes down to Kanna vs. Karen.

Series strength has to be on Nisemonogatari’s side, although vote percentage-wise Kanna looks better. Group strength test is undoubtedly in favor of Karen, and that is convincing enough for me to pick her as the winner here. Finishing with a high percentage in a group featuring Toki, Saki, Kana, Sana, Yoshika, et. al, is good enough for me, in contrast to the less-impressive Group Four of Kanna (Poplar and Peace, sure, but Teru, Cecilia, Hare, Ami and Yachiyo? Less impressive, and all have been eliminated already).

Finally, we get a prelims rematch between Mugi and Ryuuka. Unfortunately for Haruna, being in that stacked group one won’t really give you a fighting chance here.

Saki is really good when they’ve got their game face on – have to wonder if they’ll put that game face on today. If not this will be a piece of cake for Ryuuka, if not then this match will be tighter.

I still have to give it to Ryuuka here. Even setting aside Ishihara Kaori combo factor, I’m under the impression that Mugi’s numbers got inflated too because three of the main Keions are in that prelim group. Not to completely dismiss her chances though. The anti-Saki force could obviously play a part here, but a Ryuuka win here would also open up a “Saki split” in Round Two (provided Kuro wins her match), so maybe they are better off waiting. Eh.

TL;DR – Ryuuka. History says Mugi generally succumbs in high profile matches anyway.


One thought on “Genki Tripper

  1. MadPanda September 5, 2012 / 8:31 am

    Congrats to Yui and Rin (YES!). I guess the winds were against Nao.

    Drooling over the thought of a Urabe win, but it won’t happen. So going with K. Ararararagi and Elly…and hoping against hope that my dearest Mugi-chan can supply enough tea and sweets to give Ryuuka the Itis.

    MadPanda…(handkerchiefs at the ready)…

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