Saimoe 12: R1 HT Report

September’s approaching, and we are already halfway into Round 1.

[As usual, statistics stuff are at the end of the page]

Block A

Biggest winner: Saki
Biggest loser: Ro-Kyu-Bu!

Block A almost started off with an upset when Maho threatened to ruin Saki’s run, but the latter was able to recover in the later stages of the match-up. Thereafter, it was pretty smooth-sailing for the other main Saki girls as Tacos and Koromo notched up a win. To top it off, there was an upset as Miki overcame Tomoka – and many have seen this as a form of strategic voting by the Saki faction as Tomoka was undoubted their biggest threat as they seek to seize Block A.

Most anticipated R2 match:

Remon-Inami-Kobato. The latter two will go all out here. Special mention to Tacos-Tsukasa-Reika too – it will be under the influence of Akarin’s match-up – a freak result might just happen here.

Block B

Biggest winner: None
Biggest losers: Hidamari Sketch, Yuru Yuri

The focus of Block B was on Toki and Akarin, two of the heavyweights in this year’s tourney. And steamrolled they did – both are placed 1st and 2nd respectively in terms of vote percentage. However, Akarin’s win failed to hide Yuru Yuri’s woes – Sakurako and Ayano succumbed to their opponents, leaving Akarin without a safety net for future rounds. Hidamari Sketch was even worse off as Yuno and 3 others crashed out, and they are in real danger of having no representatives in the second round.

Most anticipated R2 match:

Definitely Azusa-Run-Akarin. As mentioned earlier, Akarin no longer has a safety net, and this match coincides with Tacos’ in Block A. Akarin has to be wary of the ex-champ being used as the sniper here.

Block C

Biggest winner: Saki
Biggest loser: Yuru Yuri

Yuru Yuri’s suffering continues in this block as Kyouko was at the end of shock victory by Shizu. This could truly have been Kyouko’s block to win, but the Saki faction clearly recognized that threat and decided to purge her before it was too late. Either of Shizu or Hisa will now be favorite to reach the block finals, though they’re likely to face stiff competition there.

Other highlights include Maria crashing out as the Hayate series starts to feel the brunt of age deterioration.

Most anticipated R2 match:

Ui-Yune-Yayoi. Yayoi was magnificent in this round, but Yune has the potential to spring a surprise here, especially after beating one of last year’s semi-finalist. Furthermore, Yayoi’s seen as a huge threat not only to Lotte, but to the Saki girls as well. Yayoi’s seiyuu has also been involved in a controversy recently, but I doubt it’ll play a huge factor in proceedings.

Block D

Biggest winner: Rie tsunderes
Biggest loser: Saki

Just as everything seemed to be going Saki’s way, they started to spill the spaghetti in Block D. Kyapten’s shock defeat to Kurisu was swiftly followed by Teru’s and Touka’s exit from the tourney. The one pulling the strings were probably none other than Louise and Nagi supporters. Kyapten was undoubtedly the biggest threat in the West side of Block D, and it was necessary to dump her out as she would be receiving combo votes with Hisa in their Round 2 matches if she were to progress. Touka and Karuta were also given early exits as Louise seek to cement an All-Rie clash with Nagi in the third round and vice-versa.

Most anticipated R2 match:

Hinata-Sana-Kurisu. Hinata is now the biggest threat on the West side of the block after Kyapten’s exit. She’ll be targetted by the Rie tsunderes – will Kurisu receive the great support of Louise fans again?

And to sum up the whole Block A-D:

Biggest Overachiever: Idolmaster
Biggest Underachiever: Yuru Yuri
Biggest surprise: Kurisu’s victory over Kyapten

So which series do you think overachieved, underachieved and which match has been the biggest surprise? I would like to hear from you.

In the meantime, here’s statistics from Block A-D. There are six sheets in total for each document.
Round 1 Stats (Block A-D) [All contestants]
Round 1 Stats (Block A-D) [Winners only]

And yeah, that’s it for now. frustra will be back with the Group E-F preview (and possibly updated charts) once he’s done with it.


One thought on “Saimoe 12: R1 HT Report

  1. MadPanda August 31, 2012 / 4:43 pm

    Agree with Im@s (4 of 5) and YuruYuri, and Cristina topping Kyapten, but Kyouko’s loss was the big hurt. So was Ritsu losing on her birthday. Yune winning was a surprise for me, as I wondered if people would even remember her (probably just used her as a tool, but still).

    Love the close votes, and the resurgences of both K-On! and PreCure. Saki going 1-8 in D Block did my heart good, too. Wonder how much cannibalism (or out and out sniping) will go on in E-F Blocks.

    MadPanda…(Most satisfying match – Im@s’ Chihaya winning).

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