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Saimoe Fantasy 2012: Round 1 Blocks E-H

saimoe fantasy

You can view your Block E-F entry here.

Submission for Block G-H is now open. Deadline: 10 Sept 1 AM GMT+9.

You can check out your entries for Block G-H here.

Current status:
Toki Shifts used up – timbits, Kyousuke Kasuga, Anisu
1 Toki Shift remaining – Negligence, Mayama, Kaosu, LuniazKun
\アッカリ~ン/ used up – Kaosu, Martinawa, timbits, frustra, Negligence, Anisu, LuniazKun, Kyousuke Kasuga, Team Rocket Elite
1 \アッカリ~ン/ remaining – abc0716, Micchi, Delta, sika
No-penalty Riichi not used up yet – Punyuru


39 thoughts on “Saimoe Fantasy 2012: Round 1 Blocks E-H

  1. Before I forget again <_<

    9/5 – Ryuuka, Hercule, Kanna
    9/6 – Eru, Yae, Ohana
    9/7 – Kuro, Ririchiyo, Yui
    9/8 – SUBARA, Nyaruko, Takane

      1. Really, really hoping Yae doesn’t get second now ‘-.-

        Wasting both \アッカリ~ン/ and 8/28 sure has bit me in the ass hard <_<

      1. fgsfdsaeafeafasase

        Fun facts: out of 11 Toki shift riichis so far, every single one has failed, and we’re the only two who managed to get the 3 winners right and only lost on the order.

  2. Planning to use my last \アッカリ~ン/ on 9/16’s 2nd placer. (Sorry for pasting \アッカリ~ン/ myself)

  3. Making two changes.
    14/09: Kuroyukihime, Kashii Airi, Takanashi Sora (no riichi)
    15/09: Kirishima Shouko, Elucia de Lute Irma, Shinonome Nano (no riichi)

  4. Modification for 13/09: Yamada-\アッカリ~ン/-\アッカリ~ン/ Ricchi.
    Modification for 14/09: Swapping Airi for Hanekawa

  5. I might as well use them up, so change my final day to Shana, \アッカリ~ン/, \アッカリ~ン/, with a Riichi stick.

  6. Oh whoops, I still have a Toki Shift and 2 Aka’s left.

    Alright, I’ll use the Toki Shift on 16/09, switching it to:
    Marika, Poplar, Mio

    Also, don’t mean to copy ppaaccoojrf, but I’d like to use my two \アッカリ~ン/’s the same way while making the change to:
    Shana, \アッカリ~ン/, \アッカリ~ン/ with riiiiiichi

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