Jersey Devil

Shizu wicked

1位 409票 高鴨穏乃@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
2位 366票 歳納京子@ゆるゆり
3位 44票 松本りせ@ゆるゆり

1位 297票 中川かのん@神のみぞ知るセカイ 4人とアイドル
2位 260票 沢渡楓(ぽって)@たまゆら -hitotose-
3位 104票 岡崎のりえ@たまゆら -hitotose-

1位 293票 荻野目苹果(りんご)@輪るピングドラム
2位 261票 塙かおる(かおたん)@たまゆら -hitotose-
3位 159票 はかせ@日常

This result is confirmed.


Saki with a show of force. I thought they will hold back to deflect (some of) the opposition against them but this win is basically telling the rest of Saimoe to “bring it on.” Shizu’s not even one of their mainstays (unless I’m underestimating her severely), but with concentrated effort from the Saki camp, that is enough to topple one of the best performing non-Sakis in the preliminaries. And come to think or it, Yuru Yuri has shown themselves to be one of the pillars in this years’ Saimoe based on their prelims showing.

But ever since Akarin won, it has been downhill for the easygoing lesbians as Ayano, Sakurako and now Kyouko (and Rise) were sent packing unceremoniously.

So yeah, this is a significant turn in this Saimoe plot, I expect some repercussions from this, but if Saki’s as good as Madoka last year it won’t actually matter, won’t it?

As for the other results, poor Tamayuras, three gone in one day, making you wonder how it could’ve been had there been no split votes. Ringo prevailed as expected but I guess the margin is the surprise here (though not really because of the combo?) Kanon proves she’s one of the top KamiNomi by withstanding the combo (and taking advantage of the split).

Predictions: 2-1 (23-4)

Picks: 0-3 [Potte, Kyouko, Kao-tan] (13-14)

On Deck:


Calling these matches don’t get any easier as Kokoro takes on Hare and Eila. Hare’s the wildcard here, but I think it’s all about the former two. I would’ve easily picked Kokoro here if this was last year, but the decline of Milky Holmes has been so jarring I ended up siding with Eila in the preview. When you don’t get in your support characters even in through the 2nd prelims it just shows that your series strength has deteriorated greatly, and that’s what happened in Milky. Kokoro getting a convincing win here would shatter that theory, but seeing that the Strike Witches have been solid, I can see Eila squeaking by here.

Hisa’s on her way to a rout on the second match to follow up Shizu’s fantastic win.

Ui-Sen-Suruga is another tricky one as mentioned in the preview but K-On looks to be locked on despite Ricchan’s heartbreaking loss. Sen could break the ice here, we’ll see. Suruga winning would be the most surprising outcome for this one.

Lun’s take

I guess hardly anyone saw that coming, but Kyouko has indeed crashed out of the tourney. It seems like the Saki faction aren’t going to risk relying on just Hisa to win the Block, and as such took the opportunity to eliminate perhaps the biggest obstacle they could face early on by rooting for one of their own.

Tamayura, meanwhile, has a main round debut to forget. Luck certainly wasn’t on their side during the draw.

Moving on, two interesting matches today. First up, Sen-Kanbaru-Ui. Ui looks favorite to win this one, but I think Sen would prove to be a worthy competitor, having done decent in the prelims. Kanbaru finished a few votes behind Sen during their prelim group, so she could be in contention too, but I don’t expect much from one of the least popular girls in the Monogatari series. In the end, ui will probably triumph thanks to a better faction support than Sen.

The main highlight of the day has to be Kokoro-Eila. This is really tough to call – Kokoro is still Milky Holmes’ ace, though they have been on a steep decline lately. Meanwhile, the Strike Witches are still doing decent, but Eila isn’t really one of their big-hitters. I’m gonna risk one here and go with a Kokoro victory.

Pick: Hare, Hisa, Ui
Prediction (21-6): Kokoro, Hisa, Ui


One thought on “Jersey Devil

  1. MadPanda August 24, 2012 / 3:15 am

    And exit my C Block winner, stage right. Between this and Ritsu’s loss, I’m gonna have to up my dose of Xanax…

    Ui should get K-On back in the win column (sorry Sen)…go Hare!

    MadPanda…(Soon, Akarin will exact her revenge against the evil Saki horde!)…

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