Double Trouble

Still saving up that haitei.

1位 224票 押水菜子@花咲くいろは
2位 172票 高山マリア@僕は友達が少ない
3位 106票 降谷萌路@さんかれあ
1位 291票 片岡優希@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
2位 136票 志熊理科@僕は友達が少ない
3位 87票 ティファニア・ウエストウッド@ゼロの使い魔F
1位 274票 天江衣@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A
2位 180票 リネット・ビショップ@ストライクウィッチーズ劇場版
3位 65票 シャーロット・E・イェーガー@ストライクウィッチーズ劇場版

This result is confirmed.


That was academic from the start. The only surprise probably would be Tacos styling more than Koromo. That being said, both Sakis had more votes than their opponent combined – domination we had known and expected from these two. Nako’s also through, putting to end her Round One struggles as Maria couldn’t channel her inner Index.

Predictions: 3-0 (9-0)

Picks: 3-0 (5-4)

Poll Results:

On Deck:


After a ho-hum day we might actually get exciting matches this time. Masamune-Remon-Miyuki is definitely a head-scratcher although the former two will likely battle it out for first place. I’d say this is a coinflip but in the end I went with Remon for reasons stated in the my block preview – Yukarin mojo + she’s coming from a show with a stronger faction (presumably) + being in a tighter group 16 as compared to Masamune’s. Of course Saki’s Miyuki could just troll us and win this one without much hitch, but that’s very unlikely.

Ghutatan-Tsukasa-Asia is also a tricky one – any one of these three prevailing won’t come as a surprise to me, but in the end I leaned with Tsukasa’s experience as opposed to Nyaruko’s series mojo. As for Asia, I also think she’s capable, but not quite.

Finally, Block A closes off with Miki-Tomoka. This one is in favor of the latter notwithstanding the split votes. As gleaned from Maho’s performance, RKB can pack a punch and with their ace on deck, I don’t see RKB losing this one out, unless im@s fans suddenly show out in droves (which they should have been doing, but no) and push Miki to victory.

In any case, should be a much livelier match day, and hoping it does turn out that way.

Cue in poll reposts for those who haven’t voted yet:

Lun’s take

No surprises as Koromo and Tacos pretty much styled today, with 210 combo votes aiding their way. Tacos’ vote percentage of 56.6% would be the one to beat for now.

Moving on, three exciting match-ups after the highly predictable affair of the past two days. A04 would probably see Remon fighting it out with Usami. Remon only made it to the main round via the second preliminaries, but she was in one of the toughest first preliminary group. The girls from Mayo Chiki haven’t been convincing with their performances, and Usami will have a lot of work to do here in order to proceed.

A08 sees Tsukasa against Ghutatan and Asia. Asia’s probably DxD’s best prospect, but there isn’t much support for the series as a whole. As for Ghutatan, she finished 10th in a weak first preliminary group, and she had Kurei’s help back then too. Tsukasa didn’t do that well either during the prelims, but I expect her to scrape a victory in this match.

A12 is probably one of the most anticipated matches in the first round. Tomoka and Aoi represents the RKB contigent as they do battle with Miki. Despite the number of representatives, im@s was rather mediocre in the preliminaries, with Miki finishing below Hinata of RKB in their group. Also, I don’t see the split affecting Tomoka much as Aoi will likely be sacrificed. Being the childhood friend is suffering, eh?

Pick: Usami, Ghutatan, Tomoka
Prediction (9-0): Usami, Tsukasa, Tomoka


One thought on “Double Trouble

  1. MadPanda August 17, 2012 / 12:50 am

    Oh well…movin’ on.

    Going with the troll, the sadist, and the tomboy.

    MadPanda…(-Miki needs support!-)…

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