The song remains the same.

===============Advance to Main round==============

1st – 327 votes – Nakano Azusa @ K-ON!! Movie
1st – 327 votes – Shimizudani Ryuuka @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A
3rd – 326 votes – Kotobuki Tsumugi @ K-ON!! Movie
4th – 297 votes – Hirasawa Yui @ K-ON!! Movie
5th – 264 votes – Sanya V. Litvyak @ Strike Witches Movie
6th – 225 votes – Ringo-chan @ Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
7th – 196 votes – Touhara Asuha @ Astarotte no Omocha! EX
8th – 192 votes – Sena Airi @ Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color of Lovers
9th – 184 votes – Hecate @ Shakugan no Shana III – Final
10th – 181 votes – Usami Masamune @ Mayo Chiki!
11th – 179 votes – Dantalian (Dalian) @ Dantalian no Shoka
12th – 176 votes – Aizawa Natsumi @ Natsuiro Kiseki

=============Advance to Prelims Round 2============

13th – 126 votes – Anetai Toyone @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A
14th – 99 votes – Funko (FNC) @ Upotte!!
15th – 89 votes – Kusugawa Sasara @ To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers
16th – 86 votes – Princess of the Crystal @ Mawaru-Penguindrum
17th – 78 votes – Ningyouhara Kuroe @ C³ -C Cube-
18th – 71 votes – Shiranui Hansode @ Medaka Box
19th – 53 votes – Nate Argenté Loup Mitotsudaira @ Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
20th – 49 votes – Minamino Kanade (Cure Rhythm) @ Suite Pretty Cure♪
20th – 49 votes – Hanabishi Miki @ Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven Is a Place on Earth
22nd – 48 votes – Mercelída Ygvar I @ Astarotte no Omocha! EX
23th – 44 votes – Jeanne d’Arc @ Hidan no Aria
24th – 39 votes – Sakurazaki Setsuna @ Mahou Sensei Negima! Anime Final
24th – 39 votes – Tsujigaito Satoha @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A
26th – 37 votes – Naganohara Yoshino (Mio’s mother) @ Nichijou
27th – 36 votes – Sakuma Rinko @ Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san. Lucifer hen
27th – 36 votes – Katsura Yukiji @ Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven Is a Place on Earth
27th – 36 votes – Sakuramairi Shiraho @ C³ -C Cube-
30th – 35 votes – Red Saber @ Carnival Phantasm
31st – 34 votes – Yumehara Nozomi @ Precure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi
31st – 34 votes – Yoneda Mirai @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A
33rd – 33 votes – Kaga Ai @ Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei BD Box Special
33rd – 33 votes – Shinozaki Ayaka @ Kamisama no Memochou
35th – 31 votes – Melty Do Granite @ Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan
35th – 31 votes – Ononoki Yotsugi @ Nisemonogatari
37th – 30 votes – Mishou Mai (Cure Egret) @ Precure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi
38th – 29 votes – Ymir @ Queen’s Blade series
38th – 29 votes – Yuna of Aquila @ Saint Seiya Omega
38th – 29 votes – Aoki Yuriko (Aoki Kou) @ Bakuman. 2
41st – 28 votes – Miyama Kana @ Acchi Kocchi
42nd – 27 votes – Ikushima @ Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

This result is confirmed.


So like I mentioned yesterday, being in numbers certainly helped the K-ON!! girls. In one of the tightest matches for top spot thus far, Mugi had to settle for third place, a vote behind tied winners Ryuuka and Azusa. Ryuuka’s close shave meant that Saki’s hopes of seizing top spot for half of the prelims groups are still alive. Yui finished about 30 voted behind – a further indication that she’s just a shadow of her 2009 form.

Elsewhere, Sanya finished fifth, while the rest of the Top 12 finished some distance apart from her. No surprises, maybe with the exception of Ringo as I had expected her series not to do well in the competition.

Now moving on to Group 12, where the main highlight is the highly anticipated Oppai battle between Sena and Nodoka. Haganai hasn’t had a good start in their debut appearance as Yozora and Maria were condemned to the second prelims, while Yukimura barely qualified. However, Sena’s the ace and she will have a chance to silence critics with a convincing performance against one of Saki’s top ace.

As for the others:

  • Alice from Memochou could take third place but based on Ayaka’s bad performance in the previous group, things might be a bit hard for her as there will be some difficult opponents in the mix.
  • Ayano and Himawari are the two girls representating Yuru Yuri today. I would say the former would probably be around Yui’s level in terms of competitiveness, while the latter around Chinatsu’s.
  • Literature Girl would be a favorite to make it to the main round after Ringo’s good performance in the previous group.
  • Hanyuu will probably make it, considering that Rena and Rika managed to qualify despite their waning powers.
  • Despite not being as well-liked as the other Monogatari girls, Kanbaru should still be able to receive enough support to qualify directly.
  • Akane (Cure Sunny) would want to join the other Smile cures into the main round, but she’s not as popular as the three who have already qualifed.
  • C^3 is doing bad but their second ace, Kirika, might be able to scrape through.
  • Morishima-senpai, the best performing Amagami girl last year, should be able to sneak in.
  • There are several girls from Ben-To taking part today, and their MC, Sen could do decent enough.
  • Zessica, the most popular girl in AquaEvol, would fancy her chances.
  • Others who can make it: Medaka herself is competing today. TWGOK and Denpa Onna are already losing support one year on, but Ayumi and Ryuuko might still make it. Acchi Kocchi’s been invisible thus far, but maybe Hime can provide a presence for them. And as always, any girl from Saki, like the one over here.

tl;dr 1.) Nodocchi 2.) NIKU 3.) DrPepAddict_Alice 4.) TOUSHI– Ayano 5.) Literature Girl 6-12.) Hanyuu/Kanbaru/Himawari/Kirika/Morishima/Cure Sunny/Zessica


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  1. timbits July 23, 2012 / 3:46 pm

    >yfw da zessica wins da groop 12

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