First Prelims HT Review

(Now updated with Group Nine preview)

Time for a quick review before Kyouko passes the baton to Yui!

Number of valid voters

With more restrictions being put into place each year, there is no surprise that there is a decrease in the total number of voters across the eight groups. There’s a total of 3875 voters who have participated so far this year, as compared to 5759 voters at the same stage the previous year.

The highest turn-out was in Group 8 where a feisty match between Ako and Kyouko took place (670 voters), while the lowest turn-out was in the curtain-raiser, with 471 voters present in Group 1.

Series Evaluation

Saki – Seized a quarter of the top spots available during Prelims, and it’s only halfway through. They also make up half of the Best 10 performers so far.

Rie Tsunderes
– Nagi and Shana continued their streak of topping their groups during the Prelims, while Taiga and Iori did well too. Shana-Taiga match drew in the second largest crowd so far.

Strike Witches – Last year’s semi-finalist continued from where she left off and performed well, while the other main Witches who have participated are through, with the exception of Mio.

Working!! – Poplar finished top of her group with ease. Inami, Nazuna and Yachiyo off to the main round.

Ro-Kyu-Bu! – Maho finished third in her group, while Airi and childhood friend whose name I don’t bother remembering also made it. And Tomoka and Hinata, their stronger representatives, have yet to make their debut.

Yuru Yuri – Chinatsu nearly didn’t make the cut, but TOUSHINO KYOUKO almost toppled a strong Saki participant. The other side characters didn’t make it so far, but expect a stronger showing in the second half.

Idolm@ster – Although four of them are through to the main round, none of them showed any indication that they would be able to battle for top honors.

Nisemonogatari – Same case as above, though they did better.

Infinite Stratos – Houki and Laura have to settle for the second preliminaries, but Rin, Cecilia, Char are off to the main round. So they’re not busted yet, but still, I’m not expecting much from them this year.

Hayate No Gotoku – Nagi continues to impress, but the rest continue to falter. However, Hinagiku, Maria and Isumi are still waiting for their turn.

Another – No one expected Mei to nearly finish top of her group, while Akazawa did decent enough.

KMB!! – Yasuna finished second in her group, though Agiri failed to qualify. Unused character is through thanks to Rie mojo. Would be interesting to see how Sonya fares, since she’s supposedly the ace.

Smile Precure – 3 Cures actually making it directly to the main round? When was the last time this happened? Yayoi even took second place in her group.

Haganai – Yozora and Maria have to settle for second preliminaries. Funnily enough, it was Yukimura scraped through to the next round. Of course, their aces have not made their debut yet, so fortunes may change.

Mayo Chiki – Only Subaru is off to the main round in a less than unconvincing performance. Kureha and Trolljou-sama faltered. A classic example of the ‘Aired-during-Summer’ syndrome, but then again Ro-Kyu-Bu! is doing decent at the moment.

Papa Kiki – Miu scraped through, while Sora failed to convince either. Raika has to settle for the second preliminaries.

Accel World – Chiyu bombed, Kuroyukihime wasn’t able to attract a great volume of votes to overcome Nagi.

Top 5
In terms of votes: Ako, Kyouko, Toki, Koromo, Shana
In terms of vote %: Ako, Toki, Kyouko, Yuu, Koromo
Overall: Ako, Toki, Kyouko, Koromo, Yuu

Well, that’s it. Here’s the list of statistics if you’re into numbers and such.

Enjoy the rest of the day, for Group 9 is definitely the ‘Group of Death’ for the preliminaries.

frustra’s Group Nine Preview

After a brief respite, Saimoe returns to action today with what looks to be a promising batch.

  • A lot of major players are represented here:
  • The Saki horde in this batch will be captained by Hisa.
  • The Kugimiya knights meanwhile will have 2007 and 2009 quarterfinalist Louise. The last time we saw Louise in action she was responsible for taking down the aforementioned Hisa and Stealth Momo.
  • Working will also have another quarterfinalist battling for top honors in this group, 2010 Best Eight finisher Yamada.
  • Idolmaster will have one of their aces in the forefront, Miki. She’ll be in tandem with Makoto and Yukiho (and to a much smaller extent, Ai). This is im@s’ last legitimate shot to impress in the prelims so it shall be interesting to see how they’ll do.
  • Haiyore Nyaruko finally gets to field in their ace and title character.
  • The determined RKB faction will have Hinata and Saki.
  • Yui will take the cudgels for the reinvigorated YRYR group.
  • Looking to break through as well will be Denpa Onna’s Erio. She finished second to last year’s champ Mami in the prelims but got busted out in the opener in the Char. We’ll see if she can bounce back from that.
  • Amagami will try to get in Nanasaki Ai, while Shana-killer Yuuko (A-Channel) will also join the fray. Lynette should fill in a slot for Strike Witches.

In the end I think Nyaruko will take down this group. Asumi Kana for one has a strong mojo backing her (she has the third most characters in the main draw so far, trailing only KugiRie and KitaEri). Secondly, Nyaruko was pretty popular last season so its momentum hasn’t entirely dwindled yet.

The entire group is actually a massive clusterfuck so I’ll just give a list here on how I see it going down.

1.) Nyaruko
3.) Hisa
4.) Hinata
5.) Louise
6.) Miki
7.) Erio
8.) Makoto
9.) Yui
10.) Yukiho
11.) Lynette
12.) Nanasaki

Outliers and other considerations:

  • Saki (RKB)
  • Haibara Ai (Conan)
  • Yunoha (Aquarion Evol/ Aqua Lion)
  • Yuuko (A-Chan)
  • Kagura (Gintama)
  • Nero (Milky Holmes)
  • Tomonori (KoreZon)
  • Manabe Nodoka (Keion)
  • Irisviel (F/Z)
  • Chihiro (KamiNomi) P.S. I’m sorry but did Chihiro already lose?

Lun’s take: 1.) Hisa 2.) Nyaruko 3.) Yamada 4.) Louise 5.) Yui (To those participating in fantasy, best of luck LOL)


One thought on “First Prelims HT Review

  1. MadPanda July 20, 2012 / 1:51 pm

    (Looks at Group 9 roster…shudders with fear)

    I pity the fool who has to pick from this list!

    MadPanda…(“An’ my mama ain’t raise no foo!”)…

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