Riepeat performance.

===============Advance to Main round===============

1st – 256 votes – Shana @ Shakugan no Shana III – Final
2nd – 245 votes – Aisaka Taiga @ Toradora!: Bentou no Gokui
3rd – 204 votes – Misawa Maho @ Ro-Kyu-Bu!
4th – 182 votes – Ibara Mayaka @ Hyouka
5th – 168 votes – Furude Rika @ Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira
6th – 161 votes – Huang Lingyin @ IS – Infinite Stratos Encore: Koi ni Kogareru Sextet
7th – 139 votes – Sakurai Rihoko @ Amagami SS+ plus
7th – 139 votes – Ogiyama Aoi @ Ro-Kyu-Bu!
9th – 136 votes – Kitahara Mio @ Ano Natsu de Matteru
10th – 133 votes – Hazuki Kurumi @ Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel: Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise!!
11th – 129 votes – Perrine-H. Clostermann @ Strike Witches Movie
12th – 127 votes – Kusunoki Yukimura @ Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

=============Advance to Prelims Round 2============
13th – 122 votes – Furuya Mero @ Sankarea
14th – 104 votes – Gruier Serenity @ Mouretsu Pirates
15th – 95 votes – Kyouko @ Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead
16th – 94 votes – Takatsuki Ichika @ Ano Natsu de Matteru
17th – 89 votes – Oohoshi Awai @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A
18th – 83 votes – Usuzumi Hatsumi @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A
19th – 79 votes – Suzuki Jun @ K-ON!! Movie
20th – 69 votes – Tsuda Kotomi @ Seitokai Yakuindomo
21st – 68 votes – Mayu @ Nekogami Yaoyorozu
22nd – 66 votes – Aoi Kimi @ Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
23th – 61 votes – Hanasaki Tsubomi (Cure Blossom) @ Precure All Stars New Stage
24th – 58 votes – Irisu Fuyumi @ Hyouka
25th – 53 votes – Wakamiya Shinobu @ Chihayafuru
26th – 51 votes – Chris Kaname @ Pretty Rhythm series
27th – 49 votes – Mitsuba Mutsumi @ Seitokai Yakuindomo
28th – 47 votes – Narumi Nakuru @ Mayo Chiki!
29th – 46 votes – Takimi Haru @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A
30th – 44 votes – Toudou Kanon @ Pretty Rhythm series
31st – 43 votes – Sendou Emi @ Cardfight!! Vanguard series
31st – 43 votes – Sakazaki Mikoko @ Kaiji: Hakairoku Hen
33rd – 39 votes – The Landlady @ Hidamari Sketch x SP
34th – 37 votes – Jenny Dolittle @ Mouretsu Pirates
34th – 37 votes – Hanawa Sayomi @ Tamayura
36th – 36 votes – Saotome Komachi @ Jewelpet Sunshine
37th – 35 votes – Tokugawa Ieyasu @ Sengoku Collection
38th – 34 votes – Keiko @ A-Channel + smile
38th – 34 votes – Kikuchi Kaede @ Jewelpet Sunshine
40th – 33 votes – Saien Suzu @ Katte ni Kaizou
41st – 32 votes – Tatiana Wisla @ Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam
41st – 32 votes – Shimura Tae (Otae) @ Gintama’

This result is confirmed.

Group Six notes:

  • The CavalRie continues its march towards the Main Draw, as Shana and Taiga (and Hazuki) expectedly dominated this batch devoid of aces (other than themselves, of course).
  • RKB’s Maho is the surprise finisher at third place as no one in our fantasy pool tabbed her to make it in the best three at all. Aoi also got in there at seventh.
  • The one who filled in the chart was Mayaka, on the heels of Chitanda winning Group One. She’s almost par for the course.
  • Rika at number five. Well, that’s a former champion for you.
  • Rin avoids the fate the befell both Laura and Houki and cruises in to number six without much trouble. Same with Amagami’s Rihoko, joining Miya and Tsukasa in the main event.
  • Mio makes it while Ichika doesn’t for Ano Natsu, providing a clearer picture in the Ano Natsu popularity hierarchy.
  • Perinne continues to make it a perfect slate for the main Strike Witches cast.
  • Yukimura is the first Haganai to make it in the elimination rounds.
  • Twin Angels’ Hazuki is probably the most surprising qualifier of the crop… but not really. That KugiRie mojo.

Group Seven notes:

  • Accel World’s Chiyu is a safe bet to advance on the back of Kuroyukihime’s good run in Group Three.
  • Himeji not getting it done in the competitive Group Five should be a bad omen for Minami, but since this one’s a bit less intense she has a decent chance at the most.
  • Yuno is an interesting pick here, and I think she’s strong enough to make it directly based on Minene not being completely shut out in her group.
  • Nako did well last year, I think she’ll manage in this batch.
  • Hamster should continue the trend of Hayate girls qualifying and building on Nagi’s lead.
  • Nazuna is a bit sketchy, but Hidamari girls always have a shot in the prelims.
  • Eu will join Haruna again in the knockout stages.
  • Agiri didn’t make it, but Unused Chara did for Kill Me Baby. Yasuna? Maybe…
  • Mayo Chiki has Subaru, Mirai and Kureha representing, but I’m kind of skeptical after Trolljousama Kanade failed to get in directly.
  • Maybe Yuuko can avoid suffering at least for once. Doubtful, though.
  • Raika and Sora for PapaKiki… this should be interesting. I think the latter will contend for a high finish in this one.
  • 2011 semifinalist Erica should be a shoo-in, although things might get a bit trickier for Sakamoto Mio.
  • I think Ritsuko would have to do a take two in this one. But another idol is sure to get in – TWGOK’s Kanon.
  • Rika got in, so Rena should be safe as well.
  • Finally, the top prospect for this group is obviously 2009 quarterfinalist and 2010 semifinalist Amae Koromo. I would be very surprised if she doesn’t top this one.

That being said the hard part would be determining who follows her. It can be go a whole lot of ways so I’ll just hazard some guesswork and see it going down like this:

1.) Koromo 2.) Yuno 3.) Chiyu 4.) Sora

5-12.)Erica / Ayumu / Rena / Eu / Minami / Yasuna /  Kanon / Nako

Other considerations: Aquarion’s Mix and Mikono, Tasogare’s Yuuko, Penguindrum’s Hibari, the other Saki characters in this batch.

The thing with Erica is she doesn’t excel in the prelims based on past trends so I think that would give way for the new characters to excel. But to be honest it’s really hard to tell at this point.

Lun’s take: 1.) Koromo 2.) Ayumu 3.) Chiyu 4.) Subaru 5.) Sora


One thought on “Wildfire

  1. MadPanda July 18, 2012 / 3:58 am

    Shana/Taiga was a given, but yeah, RKB…who knew? Disappointed in Ichika…thought she’d be a lock. Then again, Mio did spend half her screen time strategically naked, so..

    For R7, agreeing with The Koromo, though I hope Yuno gets more love here than she is in ISML (which is ZERO!).

    MadPanda…(shouldn’t RieKugyu get her own tournament by now?)…

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