Fantasy Phase III: Finals

saimoe fantasy

<frustra> >winning a game you designed yourself
<frustra> costanza.bat

So yeah, the fantasy game is technically over since I’m able to mimic Kayuri’s submission and win it. So DISREGARD MYSELF, it’s time for Kayuri vs Micchi for top spot. As for the rest, do participate in the last round of Fantasy and aim to finish as high as possible. 🙂

Scoring system remains the same, just predict the victor of the finals and the percentage once again.

Deadline: 5 November 12.59AM GMT+9


21 thoughts on “Fantasy Phase III: Finals

  1. You could force yourself to display your picks first Luniazkun, although, you might still be too far ahead.

    Also, can I even pick Mami now? I kinda have Kyouko as captain…not that I mind.

    Since I assume not:

    User: Sphire

    Final: Kyouko – 52.50%

    1. You can go ahead and pick Mami. The only thing you can’t do is to change your captain.

      And yeah, it’s awkward for the organizer himself to win it anyway. Hence the second-placed dude will get the honors here.

  2. Since I can’t drop below 3rd and Kayuri’s captain is Mami, I’m going for broke and picking Kyouko. Even though I think Mami’s going to win.

    User: Micchi
    Final: Kyouko, 52.3%

    I didn’t expect the extra points to be doubled as well, but that’s my oversight. Grats LuniazKun and thanks for organizing this. Made this year fun at least. (2007 was still the most exciting from start to finish)

    1. Nah, it’s my fault for not clarifying it earlier. And perhaps doubling the bonus points is a bit of an overkill, so I’ll probably re-look into that next year.

  3. …I was actually regretting choosing Mami a lot until I saw the results today. I guess it worked out in my favor. :V

    User: Kayuri
    Final: Mami – 53%

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