Final Four

Late, but not that the first match needs some real serious preview treatment. Before that though, here’s how the past the semifinalists since the “modern” Saimoe era have fared in their Prelim Groups. Note that we are virtually assured that the eventual Saimoe champion this year will once again be, someone who won her Preliminary Group.

2005 Best 4
Group 08 1st-194 votes- Nanoha
Group 02 1st-179 votes- Souseiseki
Group 01 1st-157 votes- Shinku
Group 02 7th-109 votes- Re Mii

2006 Best 4
Group 11 1st-1181 votes- Suiseiseki
Group 18 2nd-836 votes- Fate
Group 03 1st-524 votes- Shana
Group 04 8th-295 votes- Chikaru

2007 Best 4
Group 18 1st-688 votes- Rika
Group 01 2nd-524 votes- Nagi
Group 10 3rd-828 votes- Rena
Group 02 3rd-534 votes- Shinku

2008 Best 4
Group 20 1st-996 votes- Kagami
Group 20 2nd-982 votes- Tsukasa
Group 20 3rd-918 votes- Hinagiku
Group 19 1st-697 votes- Nagisa

2009 Best 4
Group 13 2nd-594 votes- Taiga
Group 13 1st-621 votes- Yui
Group 12 1st- 655 votes- Nodoka
Group 05 1st- 444 votes- Mihoko

2010 Best 4
Group 01 1st-362 votes- Azusa
Group 08 1st-462 votes- Nagi
Group 06 3rd-414 votes- Nodoka
Group 09 1st-463 votes- Koromo

2011 Best 4
Group 02-4th-204 votes- Erica
Group 05-1st-372 votes- Kyouko
Group 10-1st-410 votes- Mami
Group 16 1st-459 votes- Madoka

Kyouko vs. Erica. Apologies for the lack of the stats as well. Not like we need to crunch through the numbers at this stage of the tournament, and if you have been following it since the earlier rounds.

Aaaaanyway, Witch vs. witch hunters, we know how this ended up. Erica has done well, but this is where the clock strikes twelve for her. Perhaps, the only important part worth following here maybe how much will Erica be able to muster. It is certainly a hope that this will turn out to be competitive. But it is just what it is: just a hope. I’m suspecting the non-Madoka voters have flocked away from the tournament after the climactic defeat of Ika Musume (or even before that), so don’t expect a competitive match out of this one. Kyouko in a blowout.

Madoka vs. Mami. And it really is bad for a tournament’s health when the most compelling matches  are over and done with after the quarterfinals. But that’s what the random draw has given us, in addition to other factors,that I will talk about in my planned post-tournament report (a.k.a. State of Saimoe-type thing).

In the end, I still see Madoka winning this one, despite the superiority of numbers that Mami has offered in all her previous matches. Madoka defeated Sayaka (albeit not a rout) even though Sayaka has garnered the most votes in the tourney at that point (an explanation of that was given in one of my earlier previews). I am expecting the same here, although if the so-called “seedings” based on past performance holds up, then Mami might have a legitimate chance of beating the one of the  tournament favorites after the Prelims results.

And I’ll leave you with the poster for the first prelims match. Those who have been following the tournament way back in 2009 might be familiar with this style. I liked that 2009 2ch poster design (too bad the original designer doesn’t make posters for 2ch anymore) , so I tried to emulate the parts of it that I loved, and this is the product of that. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Final Four

  1. The Guy November 1, 2011 / 8:27 pm

    Hey guys, what’s wrong with the vote tracker?

  2. frustra November 1, 2011 / 8:30 pm

    ando hasn’t reconfigured it in the past few days, so here’s an alternative one:


    • Kaosu November 1, 2011 / 11:09 pm

      you forgot the h before the ttp lol

      I was wondering why I didn’t see the Mami – Ika match until it was over.

      • frustra November 1, 2011 / 11:21 pm

        i intentionally did that to prevent hotlinking because the owner of that tracker might not want that. common courtesy in 2ch, (but then again this isn’t 2ch, but you get the point).

        might as well put this in: ando’s old trackers used to be “private” ones – not hotlinked and used to change its url daily, but i figured that since he posted it in the AS thread himself this year he might have had the intention of having everyone be aware of it.

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