Fantasy: Phase III Semi-Finals

saimoe fantasy

Deadline for initial submission: 2 November 12.59AM GMT+9

Deadline for changes to your submission: 1 minute before the match commences

You can make fresh predictions for the semi-final matches. However, your captain remains the same. You can also make changes before a match begins, and the deadline for making changes will be 1 minute before the match commences. Once again, the scoring system is as follow:

5 points for winning
Bonus: 3 points if predicted percentage falls within 1% of actual result
Captain multiplier: X2

Use the following template:

Semi Final 1: Erica/Kyouko – Vote %
Semi Final 2: Madoka/Mami – Vote %

If you’re unable to meet the deadline, your team from the quarter-finals will be carried over to the semi-finals. You can still make changes though, as per the rules above.

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19 thoughts on “Fantasy: Phase III Semi-Finals

  1. After QF AST 2011 = dystopia.
    But the Fantasy game still need to go on.

    Username: abc0716

    SF1: Erica, 53%
    SF2: Madoka, 55%

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