Rosso Fantastic

1    657    Sakura Kyouko @ Puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica
2    568    Kuroneko (Gokou Ruri) @ Ore no Imouto


That’s Puella Magi domination for you, and this is pretty much seals the deal for a MadoMagi win. 2ch has surely embraced this show. It would have been interesting had this show crossed paths with Rozen Maiden or Nanoha of the old days. I made the comparison before, and it’s hard to deny that it’s a fair claim that this is one of the most impressive steamrolling a single series has made in Saimoe. Seventeen straight wins, and counting, is unprecedented, and the only loss that they will likely take in this tournament since the Homura and Charlotte defeats will happen only because of an intra-series match.

So yeah, impressive win by the arguably the least strongest Puella Magi Kyouko, considering that Kuroneko is likely the strongest resistance member out there. And she came close, had the final hour rush did not happen. But that’s how it goes.

On Deck:

Once again since I have given my take on this on the earlier post, I’ll make this one quick (I’ll leave the rest to Lun): Madoka is the favorite to win, obviously, on the vein that she is the favorite to win it all this year. The only chance Sayaka has here is if the Kyouko-Sayaka shippers out there go crazy. Highly unlikely.


Whatever the other contestants do, the Madoka girls can do better. This was proven yet again today as Kyouko broke the Puella Magi’s record vote tally to set up a clash against Erica in the semi-finals. Looking back, the draw was perhaps more kind to Kyouko than to Kuroneko; the Madoka faction is able to focus all their votes on the former since she’s the only one on the left side of the block. Kudos to Kuroneko though for putting up a good fight.

So next up: Madoka vs Sayaka. Madoka’s the favourite to win this since she is the main character of the series after all, but it might not be a stroll in the park as some might come to expect. Madoka has hardly been tested since the tournament began, unlike Sayaka who faced the likes of Saten/Uiharu and Charlotte on her way here. In a way, Madoka’s actual strength is a lil’ vague – her overall vote count is lower than that of Mami’s, who also had an easy time during the main round. Also, there will be some sections of the Madoka faction who would want to see a Kyouko-Sayaka finale, so there could be some extra support for Sayaka there.

However, while Sayaka will receive support from Kyouko supporters, Madoka herself will probably get assistance from Homura fans who are still lurking around. It is then up to Mami fans and the neutrals to decide how this one will go. I think Madoka will step up to the plate today to seal the win over here.

For Sayaka fans, perhaps the results of the QF inter-series match-up 2 years ago might give you some hope: Mihoko’s winning margin over Tacos was only 3.70% of the total votes in that match.


One thought on “Rosso Fantastic

  1. Kaosu October 29, 2011 / 8:49 pm

    Dang lol, I saw that I got 8 points this morning, now it truly is inevitable that a madomagi wins.

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