The Perfect Sturm

Erica Hartmann continued the Strike Witches’ magical run in Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011, as she soared to the Quarterfinals with a riveting win over Angel Beats’ Tachibana Kanade. Erica effectively avenged fellow Strike Witch Gertrud Barkhorn, who lost to Tenshi in the previous round. The latter has lost two Block Finals in a row.


1 377 Erica Hartmann @ Strike Witches 2
2 323 Tachibana Kanade (Tenshi) @ Angel Beats!

Well, at least ┬áthese first two matches made the Round more interesting again. True, the multi-voting controversy has certainly added a new dynamic contest, as the stats from before now won’t truly reflect the actual strength of most characters. And as we have seen today, it’s quite apparent the Tenshi has been benefiting from extra votes since in what is essentially a mirror match from the last round. With the restrictions and the voting backlash that goes with it, Erica pushed through this match in surprisingly one of her easiest ones so far in terms of margin of victory – note that she won by 3 votes and 2 votes in Round One and Round Three.

And this is what Saimoe crazy. You never know what’s gonna happen next and we’ve been thrown a curveball again after previously concluding that the match will be a cakewalk for the top eight seeds. Suddenly, the next match featuring Madoka and LC become something to watch. I still have Madoka winning here, but how much will the codegen issue affect her now that the “block” has been called forth. This might be the opportunity the anti-Madoka sentimentalists are looking for. Or if they’re behind the multi-voting fiasco, then we might see Madoka posting a bigger rout than ever before.


Another day, another upset. Those voting restrictions are surely playing a part in this round. Erica’s vote count remained somewhat consistent with her performance in the previous rounds (with inflation accounted for), but support for Tenshi simply diminished.

Today’s match sees Madoka takes on Elsie. It would be interesting to see if the voting restrictions have a drastic effect on the Madoka girls (which I suspect that it isn’t the case for now). Even so, Madoka’s vote totals have been rather modest for the past three rounds, and she’s the only one among the Puella Magis who hasn’t hit the 500-vote mark yet. This means that there was probably less multi-voting (if any) for Madoka in the previous rounds, and her performances so far should be an accurate measure of her strength. Meanwhile, the girls of TWGOK has struggled to attract votes, and I think that will be the reason for their eventual downfall. Madoka to win this, but it’ll be interesting to see by how much.

Pick: Madoka
Prediction: Madoka


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Sturm

  1. Mami October 19, 2011 / 2:09 pm


    My Fantasy is screwed. :’)

  2. The Guy October 19, 2011 / 5:23 pm

    Well, Mikoto and Tenshi both suffered a near mirror defeat from last year. And unlike mikoto, Kanade has no chances for regaining eligibility next year. At least now, she can finally rest..
    So almost half of my predictions for the final 8 are gone. However, Madoka has no record of losing at a certain point, nor any blatant use multivoting.

    And so, the shadow of death descends…

  3. ppaaccoojrf October 19, 2011 / 6:09 pm

    As grief struck as I was yesterday due to Biribiri’s loss (Lotte has now taken out my #1 and #2 pick in a row, damn), I’m so unbelievably happy for Erica’s win.
    I now feel guilty (and retarded) to favor my predictions over her in fantasy. She’s one of the 2 picks I didn’t pick for fantasy that pulled out huge upsets (the other being index). Traditional saimoe trolling I guess.

    • frustra October 19, 2011 / 6:13 pm

      it’s not saimoe if there’s no maximum trolling or rage involved

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