French Toast

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica continued its mastery of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011, as Sayaka Miki’s barrage was too much for Charlotte Dunois’ (Infinite Stratos) defenses. The win, Puella Magi’s tenth consecutive one, ensures that there will at least be two representatives by the series in the Block Finals.

Hidan no Aria’s Hotogi Shirayuki surged to the Finals of Block F, after ending the suprising run of A-Channel’s Yuuko, in the other match of today’s doubleheader.


1 519 Miki Sayaka @ Puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica
2 396 Charlotte Dunois (Charles) @ Infinite Stratos

1 412 Hotogi Shirayuki @ Hidan no Aria
2 372 Yuuko @ A Channel


Not even Infi’s finest can put a dent on MadoMagi’s armor, and that just illustrates the difference in levels between the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the rest. Of course, there’s still a few elite members of the “Resistance” left, and how Ika, Kuroneko and Tenshi will fare against the four in the near future should be something to behold. Mikoto has already done her job for now, she will have to beat a couple more MadoMagi to win it all, the way it’s going.

Still no “upsets” the way I seeded them (which is based on prelim, R1 and R2 statistics). Shirayuki-Yuuko ended up “close” but not in my standards. Still, a surprising run by both contestants although Shirayuki will be the underdog heading into the Block F finals should the expected result happen.

Today’s matches are… quite predictable fare. As much as I have been bricking in predicting some of the results (because I was counting on upsets, etc), these should be a cakewalk for Haqua and Mami.

Mami’s match should end up in the lines of the Madoka-Hercule match, although the vote% and winning margin will likely be lower given that Yoshika’s supposed to be stronger than Elly. But that’s just not enough unless she does a Mikoto and a couple of things go her way: first, Madoka voters get complacent (doubtful this will happen at this stage) and second, the resentment against Madoka’s domination gets to a critical level that it’s enough to power Yoshika. I don’t think this will also happen.

Haqua-Ayumi should be obvious, just looking at their track record alone should be enough to conclude who gets this.


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