Sixteen for Sixteen

Sixteen series left in this round, and sixteen spots up for grabs. How will this turn out? Let’s take a look at each of the 16 series. (Detailed stats for R2 are at the end of this post)

R2 Review: The Puella Magis are still bossing the arena, chalking up far more votes than any other contestants in the second round. They’re also pulling the strings whenever necessary in order to secure an easier passage in the future rounds. On this run on form, there’s no stopping them.

R3 Prospect: Mami and Madoka should be able to progress to the block finals without much difficulty, but Sayaka and Kyouko face tricky opponents in the form of Char and Kokoro respectively, both aces of their respective shows. However, Cecilia’s defeat to Shirayuki ensures that there won’t be block voting for IS on the day of the Char-Sayaka match, thus giving Sayaka extra breathing space.

Infinite Stratos
R2 Review: A disappointing second round for the IS girls, in which they lost all of their tricky encounters. Where did the votes in R1 go? Charlotte’s victory over Minami was not that convincing at all, and it was eventually Houki who restored some pride with a resounding win over Kanon.

R3 Prospect: Both Char and Houki are up against difficult opponents – Sayaka and Aria respectively. Not looking good at all, but if they can somehow find the spark that saw them perform well in Round 1, they could revive their hopes of clinching the championship.

R2 Review: Well, they have done decently actually – before Round 2, I have mentioned that only Biri Biri was a shoo-in to the next round, but they managed to get Last Order and more impressively, Index into the next round.

R3 Prospect: Funnily enough, Index is their best prospect in this round, as she takes on the sole Amagami girl left. Mikoto faces a tricky opponent in the form of Victorique, and Last Order takes on the evergreen Yuno. Will Biri Biri rise to the occasion again?

Strike Witches
R2 Review: Another series that did well in Round 2. I expected a repeat of their 2009 performance in which only one witch made it to the third round, but this time, they have three of them! This was possible thanks to the duo of Barkhorn and Hartmann who survived their obstacles. Perhaps a down-point for them for them was Sanya’s exit, but she was eventually gonna face Madoka anyway.

R3 Prospect: Well, Yoshika is doomed. And the duo will have to cross paths with Tenshi in their bid to win Block B. Will they find the extra spark needed to beat the Angel Beats ace who is benefiting from being away from the spotlight?

R2 Review: The duo of Lotte and Asuha continues to impress.

R3 Prospect: While they have impressed, they each now face a difficult task – Asuha will have to face the might of Kuroneko, while Lotte will engage Kurisu in a battle across alternate dimensions.

R2 Review: Run and Yuuko achieved A-Chan’s minimum target for this round.

R3 Prospect: The number of votes that the girls of A-Chan receive is slightly worrying, and it could prove to be the factor that brings about their downfall.

Hidan No Aria
R2 Review: Aria won as expected, but Shirayuki’s win was a welcome bonus for them, and it was no easy feat either as she beats IS’s second best performer.

R3 Prospect: It’s now Aria’s turn to face an IS girl, and it could turn out to be an intense affair. Shirayuki is up against Yuuko. It is difficult to tell which way this one will go, because both girls have their actual strength distorted thanks to strategic voting ploys. It seems that HnA are able to attract the greater numbers though.

R2 Review: A poor performance which saw Ayase and Kirino exit the competition, when we know that the latter is capable of garnering more votes. However, no problems for Kuroneko as she made Kuroko the new laughing stock among the Raildex contestants – forever Round 2.

R3 Prospect: I’ll grieve as Asuha gets beaten by Kuroneko ;_;

R2 Review: I was so wrong for this one. I thought that they will be screwed thanks to the brackets they were allocated to, but they weren’t! Ayumi pounced on IS’s poor performance in this round to eliminate Pika-tan, while Haqua rallied to an impressive win over Ohana.

R3 Prospect: Ayumi-Haqua would guarantee at least one block final representative, while Elsie should be able to beat Run. Of course, the Block Finals itself will be another question.

Milky Holmes
R2 Review: They did well – Elly with a convincing victory over Laura of IS and Nero putting Denpa Onna’s challenge to an end. Kokoro triumphed over Oreimo’s Ayase while improving on her vote count, too.

R3 Prospect: Well, here’s where my pessimism for them from the Round 2 preview post comes in. Elly and Kokoro against Madoka and Kyouko, while Nero faces a squid in fine form. Unless there’s some form of strategic voting against their opponents, they are doomed.

R2 Review: Disappointing too, but they achieved the minimum required, I guess.

R3 Prospect: Haruka vs Index. Well, faction power should triumph here, bringing an end to Amagami’s run.

R2 Review: They also achieved the minimum required – Yuno progressing to the next round.

R3 Prospect: Yuno against Last Order, the weakest of the Raildex contestants left. I think Yuno stands a good chance of setting up a probable clash against Ika Musume.

R2 Review: Kurisu survives yet another challenge from an Amagami girl, while Suzuha made it through, though she would have liked to have beaten Yuuko by a larger margin.

R3 Prospect: Erica is Strike Witches’ best prospect at the moment, so Suzuha will have a hard time. No easy battle for Kurisu either (when does she ever have an easy one), who will attempt to defeat the Kugirie-powered Lotte.

Angel Beats
R2 Review: Well, Kanade continues to impress in a year where she isn’t the main focus, but support for Yui was not even near to that of the former, which proves that it’s a one-man (or girl) show.

R3 Prospect: Strike Witches versus Kanade. However, looking at Trude’s performances, I think Kanade should be able to survive the first wave of the Witches’ assault.

Ika Musume-Victorique
R2 Review: Business as usual.

R3 Prospect: Should be an easy one for the squid, but Victorique will have to face the might of the Electromaster.


Now for some stats-in-brief:
Highest turn-out: 955 – Kazari Uiharu vs Ruiko Saten vs Sayaka Miki
Lowest turn-out: 443 – Stocking Anarchy vs Tsugiko Zenigata vs Yuno

Winner with the highest votes: 571 – Mami Tomoe
Winner with the highest vote %: 67.94 – Kyouko Sakura
Winner with the lowest votes: 175 – Ayumi Takahara
Winner with the lowest vote %: 35.43 – Ayumi Takahara

Loser with the highest votes: 301 – Ohana Matsumae
Loser with the highest vote %: 43.74 – Huang Lingyin
Loser with the lowest votes: 46 – Sohara Mitsuki
Loser with the lowest vote %: 7.72 – Hotori Arashiyama

Best performing series: 476/62.08% – Madoka

Detailed stats here:
Round 2 (Overall)
Round 2 (Winners-only)

That’s all from me, let’s hope for an exciting R3 ahead!


2 thoughts on “Sixteen for Sixteen

  1. Shmion October 8, 2011 / 10:22 am

    Different method to calculate average vote %:

    Kanade Tachibana/393/723/54.36%
    Angel Beats/612/1260/48.57%/306

    • LuniazKun October 8, 2011 / 10:29 am

      Ah, yes, I did consider doing it that way since the beginning of R1, but I ended up being lazy lol. Your method is probably the more accurate way to calculate average vote %.

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