Round Three Preview: Blocks A to D

LuniazKun already covered the important points in Round Two, so straight  to the Round Three previews we go.

Mikoto will get challenged again after getting a virtual free pass the previous round. Victorique, on the other hand had to work a little harder. This has a huge potential to be a high-scoring match, and their numbers/stats aren’t pretty much far off. I had Mikoto seeded 7th overall, while Victorique is more or less at 10th/11th range. With not much of a huge gap between them, this match has upset vibes written all over it. In fact I’ll go out of my way and say Victorique will pull this off. She has previously shown promise when it comes to high profile matches, and I’m going to gamble on that. Mikoto might be on a redemption tour lately, and is the statistical favorite to win this match, but I’m hoping my hunch is right, Victorique might be the solution to this Block A puzzle. Maybe.

Another one that could be a close call. I have Kurisu ranked 15th (of 32) while Lotte sits at the number 13 spot. It would be great if Kurisu can somehow overcome the odds here, but she hasn’t been impressive for the past two rounds after having a great Prelim Round performance. Granted those battles have been against the higher-tiered Amagami girls. Lotte has been stellar so far, but this will be her first real test.

I feel like gambling again and going with Kurisu for the slight upset victory. Sure Lotte has been lights out lately, but Kurisu has shown her potential. Those forgettable showing for the initial two rounds can be forgotten with just a single victory, and this is the way to do it. Also come on, 2ch, Kurisu’s one of your kind, you better be bros and support her!

It is during this stage when Tenshi memorably floundered against the dangerous Yamada Aoi last year. Thankfully, this year, there’ s no Yamada to derail her. Stranger things have happened, but the disparity in the numbers just makes me feel that this is a match that will be straightforward and anticlimactic. Gertrud has done well to come this far, but here’s where she experience a real rude awakening in the hands of an angel firing on all cylinders at the moment. An eighth-seed versus twenty-sixth seed battle does not sound fair, after all.

Although “J.T” can’t afford to fail here, like Kurisu, she will be the underdog coming into this match. Likewise though, there’s not really much of a gap between Suzuha and Erica (27th and 22nd respectively). For that reason, I find this match-up intriguing and this should go down the wire given that is how mid-tier matchups like this usually go. True enough, both of them have delivered thrillers in their previous bouts so it’s safe to say we’re gonna have another close one here. (But Saimoe trolling me otherwise will give us a snoozer. I hope not). I’m going with Erica to prevail though, and become the first Strike Witch to reach the Block Finals.

Well yeah, expect this one to be a laugher. Madoka is actually the only third best performing character out of the remaining ones, but we all know she is the number one seed if there’s such a thing (now that Homura is out, anyway). As for Hercule, she must still be missing her “toy” because for all that strength, she better just shy away from this battle. I had her seeded at 30, and that’s just not gonna cut it at this stage. The thing to watch out for this one though is how much of a resistance Elly will do. I don’t think there will be much though, given that at this stage it’s pretty much a futile effort. So one of Saimoe 2011’s Four Horse(mage/) of the Apocalypse, another one in the win column.

The inevitable God vs LCfer showdown is on hold for now, because while LC is the prohibitive favorite to win this match, she still has to take care of business against the surprising A-Channel. LC, currently seeded number 9, is still probably safe here though, going against the the 26th ranked Run. I don’t know if this LC will overrun Run, but this battle might end being an amusing one. I don’t know. It’s on the same day as the Ika-Nero fight so this one could turn into a snoozer with LC cruising.

Here we are. The bottom-ranked Nero going against the highest ranked non-Puella Magi girl so far. Of course Ika can boost her stock further by delivering a beatdown here. Like the Madoka match, the thing to watch here will be how much of a resistance Nero will do. Ika will take care of business here, and another step closer to the queen’s Block D invasion. As for Nero, I really shouldn’t have titled this emperor and the queen, because Nero’s numbers haven’t been mighty at all at this point of the tourney. Crazy, I know, just like the original Nero burning Rome in flames of eons past.

Yuno gets her toughest test yet, and while she’s actually the 17th best performing girl out of the remaining 32, she’s not really safe aganinst Last Order who literally had to rely on the last few votes in her match to pull of the dramatic victory. One of the trickier matches we have so far, and given Raildex’s penchant for pulling off surprises, I won’t be shocked to see a Last Order win. However. I’m sticking to my guns, and Yuno it is.

And now, we wait to see how the first few matches unfold…

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