East Side Story

If I would’ve made a headline about this on time that’s how it would look like. Anyway, since I missed the past three matches due to various reasons, I’ll just go through my impressions on them day-by-day:

It appears that combo is a huge factor after all and it was enough to overcome the split in E05. But the bigger news is Shion upsetting Urabe Mikoto. I thought the MGX herself was a good bet to go all the way in her block but Rozen Maiden aiding Higurashi put a wrench on that plan. Yeah, Shinku coinciding in the same day plus combo votes put the real hurt on Mikoto’s campaign.

Straightforward set. SZS’ despair continues, Madoka Magica making its presence felt and Saki winning again. Not much to comment, really about this one.

Well, this is a big one as Madoka herself gets ousted by the 2007 champ by 2 votes. Rozen’s really good although we got an early glimpse of this in the 2nd prelim round when Kanaria placed better than Homura in their group. Kyouko survives for the Madoka crew though, while Ai is still loved as ever.

Story of the day in this pretty much uneventful is basically Tacos notching one more win for Saki and Chizuru avoiding the same fate as her younger sibling as she gets an easy one over Mio.

And with those twelve matches in the books, here’s how the bracket currently looks like:

More matches to come though before this round is thoroughly done, and here’s a peek at the next four days:

No. 18, Suigintou and  Evangeline are the favorites here but Shino and Kotomi might combo to make it a match in their respective groups.

Haqua and Shirley will be competitive, I’d say it’s a coinflip but Haqua’s the more prevalent name so she should prevail. It doesn’t get any better for Hayate though as they have to sacrifice one of their own just to advance further. I’d say it’s Nagi who makes it further despite Isumi’s gaudier numbers. F07 I really have no idea, but Renzu has the best numbers, she’ll probably get there.

Tricky one for G07 that might possibly be a three-way between Morishima Haruka, Nagato and Mikage. I’m going with Nononono as they have always been solid in this tournament for years. Yamada vs. Youko for the second one, and Youko might do it. MGX is a hurt faction though with the loss of Urabe Mikoto so there’s a chance that the resident ceiling cat will get it done. The last one is going to be Kukuri vs. Nausicaa. Hard to bet against someone who has done it before, Kukuri, especially when MST doesn’t really punish previous winners as much as AST does.

Aika vs. Kurisu, counting on the latter’s recent popularity spurt to propel her to victory. C08 is antoher one of those hard to tell matches, Hayate’s Chiharu might be the way to go. Lastly, I’m thinking Nono for D08, but obviously Hinaichigo and Konoka have all legitimate chances of winning it, considering that one is from Rozen Maiden (albeit one of the weaker ones among the strong) and Konoka has traditionally been one of Negima’s top bets in moe tournaments in 2ch.

And that’s it with this review and preview. I’ll be probably going with this post format again to recap MST action as they come and go.

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